Dani Arnold Free Soloing a 1,000-Foot WI 7 Ice Climb

And he did it onsight. No, thanks. Just no.

By Valentin Luthiger - Red Bull Content Pool | January 25th, 2018

The day before Christmas in 2017, the Swiss alpinist Dani Arnold took ropeless ice climbing to the next level: in just an hour and three minutes, Arnold onsight free soloed Beta Block Super, a 1,000-foot WI 7 route on the Breitwangfluh above Kanderstag, Switzerland.

After completing the climb, Arnold wrote a post on his blog, portions of which were translated into English at Planetmountain.com as follows:

Why did I do this? One of the hardest and most dangerous climbs in the Alps, climbed without a rope a so quickly? It’s hard to find an answer and even now, a few days after my ascent, I still really don’t know why. One thing is certain though: doing it one day was my huge goal and dream. I don’t want to downplay the risk and the enormous danger, I also love my life. But I also love my dreams and ideas. And that’s why it was important to me and I’m proud of it. Full stop. …

This project is of utmost importance to me. I love ice climbing. And this isn’t just yet another record, but an absolute highlight. I’ve made one of my biggest dreams come true. The world obviously hasn’t changed as a result. And my life and the joy I get from taking to the mountains is unchanged. And that’s good, because what’s really important is to be healthy, happy and content!


Also watch VIDEO: Dani Arnold Free Solos 1,100-Foot WI 6 in 27 Minutes!

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