Beer And Gear, Ep. 8 | Five Ten Aleon

The skinny on the new Five Ten’s new Aleons, designed by none other than Fred Nicole, the grandmaster of bouldering.

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  • Five Ten Aleon

    MSRP: $190   The new Five Ten Aleons want you to climb harder. How could you not?—you’re wearing a shoe designed by Swiss boulderer Fred Nicole, a legend with more double-digit bouldering FAs than anyone … Continue reading “Five Ten Aleon”

  • Ocun Jett QC

    MSRP: $99   Striking a balance between all-day comfort and high performance, the Czech Republic-based climbing brand, Ocun, has designed a shoe to rival even the most popular of the top-end crushers. My first pitches … Continue reading “Ocun Jett QC”