Muir Wall, El Cap, Yosemite – By Bradford Pope McArthur

Brette Harrington, Marc-Andre Leclerc and Alan Carne free the Muir Wall, El Cap, Yosemite.

By Bradford Pope McArthur | July 27th, 2017

Photos and captions by Bradford Pope McArthur

Transient sailboat-based photographer and filmmaker Bradford Pope McArthur (@bradfordpopemcarthur) took over Rock and Ice’ s Instagram feed to share his photos from the Muir Wall, El Cap, Yosemite, where Brette Harrington, Marc-Andre Leclerc and Alan Carne spent over a month to free the 33-pitch route.


Brette Harrington / @bretteharrington

Marc-Andre Leclerc / @mdre92

Alan Carne / @carneycrankalot


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