Mallorca: DWS for Days – By Kathryn Dulny

We know where we’re booking our next vacation…

By Kathryn Dulny | December 5th, 2017


Photos and captions by Kathryn Dulny, @kdulnyphoto

Virtually every climber of a certain age has the image of Chris Sharma hucking himself upwards and outwards along the underside of the Es Pontas arch in Mallorca burned into his or her brain. It introduced Mallorcan deep water soloing to many who’d never heard of soloing over water.

Lucky for those of us who don’t climb 5.15, the Mallorcan coastline is full of more moderate, equally beautiful and aesthetic deep water soloing, and the island has plenty of inland sport climbing as well.

Photographer Kathryn Dulny gives us a glimpse into the colorful cliffsides of this DWS paradise.

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