Forgotten Star Lines of Fountainebleau

Italian climber Niky Ceria and friends take us on a tour of the “best unknown problems in the forest” of Fontainebleau, France.

By Niccolò Ceria | June 6th, 2017

“Fontainebleau is a very famous and, nowadays, crowded area,” Niky Ceria says, but outside of the three most popular sectors of Cuvier, Franchard or Trois Pignons, Font has “an endless dose of hidden gems that are out of the scenes.”

This March, Ceria went on a mission to find and climb the forgotten star lines of Fontainebleau. Many of these hidden gems lie far away from the main climbing areas and are isolated, without much else to climb nearby, which Ceria speculates one reason why these four- and five-star lines are rarely climbed.

“But this is what I like,” Ceria says. “In fact, during the last trip, I sometimes had the opportunity to climb in a deep solitude, far from everyone else. I could touch some immaculate rock and climb on some masterpieces which stay out from the big crowds.”


Watch Niccolò Ceria – Star Lines of Fontainebleau


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