Chad Kellogg Killed in Patagonia

American speed alpinist Chad Kellogg was killed by rockfall in Patagonia.

By Rock and Ice | February 16th, 2014

Fitz Roy in Patagoina, where American alpinist Chad Kellogg was killed by rockfall.American speed alpinist Chad Kellogg, 42, was struck and killed by rockfall while descending the Supercanaleta on Fitz Roy in Patagonia. Kellogg, with Jens Holsten, had summited via the Afanassieff and were rappelling the Supercanaleta when a rappel rope became stuck. The two attempted to pull the rope free, and dislodged the block that struck Kellogg, who was killed instantly.

Kellogg made a career of climbing mountains quickly, and was most recently in the news for his attempts to break the speed record on Mount Everest, the last in May, 2013.

According to his blog post out, Kellogg began climbing in 1984, in his home range, the North Cascades. Kellogg made the first ascent of  Pangbuk Ri (22,015) in Nepal, the first ascent of Black Crystal Arete on Kitchatna Spire, Alaska, the first ascent of the SW Ridge of Siguniang in China, and the first ascent of the Medicine Buddha on the South Face of Aconcagua.

Kellogg’s career had its triumphs and tragedies. His wife, Lara Karena Kellogg, died when she rappelled off the end of her rope on Mount Wake in  Alaska’s Ruth Gorge, in 2007, and one of his best friends, Joe Puryear, died when a cornice collapsed on him while attempting an unclimbed peak, Labuche Kang, in Tibet, in 2011.


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