Alex Puccio Climbs The Automator (V13)

Alex Puccio has climbed her third V13 of the summer, sending The Automator in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

By Rock and Ice | August 18th, 2014

Alex Puccio has climbed her third V13 of the summer yesterday (August 17), sending The Automator in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. 

“It was a nice last day climbing outside before leaving for Bouldering World Championships in Munich Germany,” posted Puccio on Facebook. “I tried the climb for a few minutes about six years ago one day and then finally returned back to it three days ago and fell off going for the jug first try. I didn’t end up doing it that night, I was pretty tired from doing Element of Surprise earlier. Went back again today and did it second try.”

Puccio climbed the first V13 of her career this summer, sending Top Notch RMNP’s Chaos Canyon on July 1. Then, just seven days later, she put down the Park’s Nuthin’ But Sunshine (V13). On August 2, she upped the ante, and became the fourth woman to climb V14 by sending Jade in RMNP’s Upper Chaos Canyon.

Puccio is now the third woman to have climbed The Automator, which was established by Dave Graham. In 2010, Angie Payne made history by climbing the problem, claiming the first female ascent of a V13. In 2013, Ashima Shiraishi made the second female ascent of The Automator, which was documented in the video below.

Here is a photo of Alex Puccio hiking Blood Money, just one of the nine V12s she polished off this summer.

On the Road from Evolv Climbing on Vimeo.

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