Adam Ondra Onsights La Cabane Au Canada (5.14d)

Adam Ondra has onsighted 5.14d at last with his ascent of La Cabane au Canada in Rawyl, Switzerland.

By Brian Wright | July 9th, 2013

Adam Ondra climbing <em>La Dura Dura</em> (5.15c) in Oliana, Spain” src=”” style=”border: 0px; float: right;” />Adam Ondra has onsighted 5.14d at last with his ascent of <em>La Cabane au Canada </em><span style=in Rawyl, Switzerland. The 100-foot line is located on the Paradise sector of the cliff and was first bolted by Didier Berthod. The first ascent was made in 2006 by Lionel Clerc, and the line has seen several repeats since. Ondra has long been trying to onsight the coveted 5.14d grade, but fell just short of being the first person to accomplish the feat after Alex Megos onsighted Estado Critico in Siurana, Spain, back in March. According to reports, Ondra has been secretly planning the onsight for some time.

Ondra has become one of the more recognizable names in hard sport climbing after a flurry of achievements in recent years. The 20-year-old Czech made the first ascent of a 5.15c in October of last year when he established Change in Norway. He also has a number of hard onsights under his belt, including over a dozen 5.14c’s as well as numerous 5.14a and 5.14b routes. Last fall, on a trip to the Red River Gorge, Ondra onsighted both Pure Imagination and Golden Ticket in a single day, both originally rated 5.14d. However, Ondra downgraded each of them after his ascent, suggesting 5.14c for each. 

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