Thursday Steals: Harnesses Up To 40% Off!

At these prices, most of these harnesses cost less than a tank of gas!


Wild Country Mission Sport Harness, 40% off — $41.97 $69.95

“When you’re five days on, you don’t want your waist to be as wounded as your fingers, which is why Wild Country created the Mission Sport Harness. Wild Country wanted to make a harness that felt like a piece of clothing with a contoured, next-to-skin fit. With a shape that takes hips into consideration, the V-Flex design fits like a harness should—up close and personal. The secure and comfortable fit means you can load down the 4 gear loops with quickdraws, cams, and snacks since the Dura-Weave mesh material will distribute the load evenly. If you decide to bring this harness into the winter season with you, the two accessory loops accommodate ice screw holders for a multi-functional, multi-seasonal piece of gear.” — Backcountry


Mammut Alnasca Harness – Women’s, 40% off — $71.97 $119.95

“Mammut’s Alnasca is the lightweight harness you need whether you’re training in the gym or projecting a tough sport route. The Alnasca features split-webbing construction to ensure the comfortable distribution of pressure, while a Slide-Bloc single-pass buckle offers quick customization for a comfortable fit. Low-profile gear loops won’t snag on the wall yet offer convenient access to rack your gear, while drop-seat straps make it easy to answer nature’s call midday.” — BC


CAMP USA Energy CR Harness, 40% off — $29.97 $49.95

“The CAMP USA Energy CR Harness is designed for use at the gym, on sport climbs outdoors, and on multi-pitch routes. Its versatile design and lightweight construction features adjustable leg loops so you can create a fine-tuned fit for comfort on the wall. Auto-locking buckles keep the fit secure while you climb and the thermo-formed padding molds to your body for comfort.” — BC


CAMP USA Air CR EVO Harness, 40% off — $53.97 $89.95

“Enjoy the lightweight versatility that Camp USA’s Air CR EVO Harness gives on all your climbs, whether they’re ice, rock, mixed, or alpine. Its Edge-Control Construction keeps the harness light enough for faraway adventures, yet cushy enough for long days in the vertical realm thanks to the EVA padding and breathable 3D air mesh. Auto-locking buckles keep you secure at both legs as well as the waist, and the No-Twist belay loop keeps the legs properly oriented for easy on-and-off. Camp equipped this harness with four reinforced gear loops, an extra loop for your chalk bag, and a Hub racking biner compatible loop for ice screws.” — BC


Black Diamond Momentum Harness – Men’s, 30% off — $39.86 $56.95

“You’re getting the hang of climbing quicker than you thought, and as nice as it is to feel the sweat of your rental harness’s previous occupant, the Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Harness is a cleaner alternative. This is Black Diamond’s best-selling harness—not just for the price point—due to its versatility in the vertical realm. It’s on the comfier side of Black Diamond’s massive harness collection, appealing to both beginners at the gym and advanced climbers hanging on multi-pitches alike. It’s fully adjustable to ensure a secure fit whether you’re wearing summer or winter attire. Unlike most beginner harnesses, the Momentum has a haul loop to accommodate big wall adventures a little better.” — BC


Ocun Neon 3 Harness, 25% off — $74.96 $99.95

“The Ocun Neon 3 Harness stands out in climbing crags, and not just for the bright colors. Light padding covers the waist and leg loops in a thoughtful design that doesn’t dig into the skin, and the harness’s light design allows full mobility on hard sport routes. There are three self-locking buckles—one at the waist and two at the leg loops—to ensure a secure fit whether you’re wearing summer shorts or heavier pants during the colder seasons. Ocun also integrated wear-indicators at the tie-in points that will change color when the fabric is too worn to climb in anymore.” — BC