Gear Every Trad Climber Needs

From gloves to ropes, harnesses to Freinds, there’s something here for every trad climber.

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1. Misty Mountain Cadillac QA $159.95

The 2021 Cadillac design is tricked out and ready for anything! With comfort and versatility in mind,  it boasts a bi-layer belt, six gear loops, ice clipper slots, and an integrated haul loop that will allow you to carry everything including the kitchen sink. The new 2021 Cadillac is great on multi-pitch pursuits, is solid on hanging belays, and can even protect you on rappels with its dual auto-block feature. Made in the USA.


2. Wild Country Zero Friends and Friends $79.95 to $89.95

Throughout their 38-year tenure, although the construction has changed, the Friend’s essence remains the same. At the heart of each iteration has been the definitive 13.75 cam angle; described, refined and developed by Wild Country and proven in thousands of miles of cracks climbed since 1977! This new Friend is no different, built with a twin axle it remains a Friend. Significant design flourishes mean any number of clever upgrades: Hollow axles are stiffer for less weight; wide, skimmed lobes grip better yet are kinder on the rock; new 12mm Dyneema is agile and easily extended. Internals are based on classic Wild Country foundations; our legendary holding power and the consistency of overlap between units, whilst the twin axle has allowed us to increase the range per unit. Available in sizes 0.5, 0. 75, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Plus, now available in ZEROs!


3. G7 HAND JAM $85

The G7 HAND JAM is thin, tactile and durable. From alpine big walls to desert splitters the fine leather suede feels great on your skin – it breathes and absorbs moisture without losing friction. Like a climbing shoe, the leather molds to perfectly fit your hand. Climb to your full potential.


4. Maxim Platinum $342, 70 meter

MAXIM® PLATINUM® is the world’s first climbing rope with a permanent connection between core and cover. This feature as well as a braided middle mark and the unique Warning Track tracer system offer increased safety in every use. MAXIM® PLATINUM® is perfectly well suited for projecting, multi-pitch climbing, big-wall climbing and ice climbing.