• Mountain Equipment Dispersion Jacket

      MSRP: $295   For days when you’re moving fast (or at least trying to), protection that is breathable, durable, and lightweight is key. The Mountain Equipment Dispersion Jacket grasps every point of this golden … Continue reading "Mountain Equipment Dispersion Jacket"
  • Black Diamond Cirque Shell

    MSRP: $175 BEST FOR: Alpine climbing, ski touring, trekking   Your favorite IPA just tastes good every time. It’s the brew you reach for when you need a post-mission victory beer. Sure, you might pick … Continue reading "Black Diamond Cirque Shell"
  • Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell Hoody

    MSRP: $130 BEST FOR: Continual wear without overheating   Light has always been right, or at least really, really handy. New in February is this downright gossamer piece by Mountain Hardwear. A superlight (4.9 ounces … Continue reading "Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell Hoody"
  • Mammut Nordwand Flex Jacket

      MSRP: $650.00 BEST FOR: Mountains, ice climbing   The term “hard-shell” once applied to the type of outwear we climbers used in inclement weather. Those old jackets certainly resembled shells—turtle-shells. They were tough, encapsulating, … Continue reading "Mammut Nordwand Flex Jacket"
  • Black Diamond Alpine Start Jacket

      Best For: Light and fast alpine rock climbing MSRP: $149.00   When I’m going multi-pitching—be it for a romp up a moderate in Eldo or a big alpine mission in Rocky Mountain National Park—I … Continue reading "Black Diamond Alpine Start Jacket"
  • Bight Gear Neoshell Nuker Jacket

      MSRP: $429.00 BEST FOR: Mountaineering and alpinism.   In the 1990’s the “home sauna suit” was a real quick-and-easy weight-loss fad. The concept was simple: wrap yourself in plastic bags and go for a … Continue reading "Bight Gear Neoshell Nuker Jacket"
  • Outdoor Research Interstellar Jacket

      MSRP: $299.00 BEST FOR: just about everything   Who can afford to have a ski jacket, ice climbing jacket, rain jacket and alpine jacket? Unless you’re sponsored, no one. With how niche climbing gear has … Continue reading "First Look: Outdoor Research Interstellar Jacket"
  • Mountain Equipment Squall Jacket

      Mountain Equipment’s Squall Hooded Jacket, updated for 2018, is a lightweight, non-insulated wind-stopper soft shell. Reading the company-listed garment features you’d think the Squall Hooded Jacket is pretty darn average given the generic industry … Continue reading "Mountain Equipment Squall Jacket"
  • Black Diamond Fineline Stretch Rain Shell

      MSRP: $129.00 BEST FOR:    Though you’d think it should be a given with anything billed as a raincoat, we’ve worn enough duds in our day that didn’t keep us 100% dry to feel … Continue reading "Black Diamond Fineline Stretch Rain Shell"
  • Mountain Equipment Lattice

    Mountain Equipment Lattice | mountain-equipment.co.uk | $200 | ★★★★   My Wife is having my head examined. “It isn’t normal,” she said, “to shower in a raincoat.” She doesn’t get that a shower is the acid … Continue reading "Mountain Equipment Lattice"
  • Spyder Refuge Shell Jacket

    Spyder Refuge Shell Jacket | $475 www.spyder.com 4½ Stars Spyder’s new Refuge jacket is one of the most innovative waterproof-breathable shells to hit the market in a long time. While most makers of new jackets … Continue reading "Spyder Refuge Shell Jacket"
  • Arc’teryx Venta SV Jacket

    www.arcteryx.com | $375 | 4 Stars   I’ve been a big fan of Gore Windstopper ever since I held a square swath of the material against a fan-generated blast of air. Its wind-blocking properties were … Continue reading "Arc’teryx Venta SV Jacket"