• Concept Climbing Solution Hangboard

    This review appeared in Rock and Ice issue 249 (April 2018). When I first felt the Concept Climbing Solution hangboard, I thought I had been sent a manufacturing dud—the holds were asymmetrical. The outer pockets … Continue reading "Concept Climbing Solution Hangboard"
  • Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini

                                                    Portable training rigs have been around for as long as climbers … Continue reading "Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini"
  • Morgamic Hangboard Review

    MORGANIC HANGBOARD ($75)   The Hangboard flaunts positive grips, but there’s a dearth of variety. The deep finger slots grip much like the top jugs, which grip much like the center jug. A good one-pad … Continue reading "Morgamic Hangboard Review"
  • Nicros Warrior Hangboard

    NICROS WARRIOR ($66.95) Nicros.com This is a compact (10-by-25-inch) board with a “ribcage” that projects two lateral arms, the ends of which terminate in biscuit-like jugs that, according to one tester, simulated a very natural … Continue reading "Nicros Warrior Hangboard"
  • Revolution Grill Hangboard

    REVOLUTION GRILL ($69) Revolutionclimbing.com This unusual board garnered the strongest reactions from our testers: They either loved or loathed it. The Grill is a high-relief curved board with a full-hand “baby’s-head” slope, a series of … Continue reading "Revolution Grill Hangboard"
  • Revolution Pocket Jib

    Revolution Pocket Jibs 10-pack for $19 Climbing indoors turns you into a sloppy fool. All the holds protrude, and climbing becomes a matter of plopping your foot onto a wart and raging. Inset holds, which … Continue reading "Revolution Pocket Jib"
  • Stoneage Manta Hangboard

    This is the coolest-looking board, resembling an H.R. Geiger prop from Alien. Since a big part of training is getting amped, the Manta earns points even before you flog it. Mental gyrations aside, the board … Continue reading "Stoneage Manta Hangboard"
  • Synrock Minicrag Hangboard

    SYNROCK MINICRAG ($78) Synrock.com Made from a molded ceramic that feels quartzite smooth, and comprised of three dense modular blocks, the Minicrag is cool to the touch (the board’s best and most unique feature), actually … Continue reading "Synrock Minicrag Hangboard"
  • HRT Mask Hangboard Review

    HRT THE MASK ($72) larry@inclimb.com BETA This mondo board measures 18 by 33 inches. With 15 good holds, it ranks alongside the EP Petite as among the most useful designs. A series of six edges … Continue reading "HRT Mask Hangboard Review"
  • Ice Holdz Review

    Climbing early-season ice is always a humbling experience. Despite dry tooling up blocks on my home woodie, I find the first ice climb of the year wakes my hibernating tool-swinging arms. This year will be … Continue reading "Ice Holdz Review"
  • Lapis Lazzuri Hangboard Review

    LAPIS LAZZURI ($89.95) Pagangear.com This is a broad—32-inch—slab with long, curved ergonomic holds (think frowny-face shaped) that allow you to use the edges and slopers with your hands practically kissing … or spread clean out … Continue reading "Lapis Lazzuri Hangboard Review"
  • Metolius Wood Grips Training Board

    METOLIUS WOOD GRIPS TRAINING BOARD ($89) Metoliusclimbing.com This wood board is the most elegant of the lineup, more closely resembling a handcrafted piece of furniture than a finger flogger. For that reason alone, many testers … Continue reading "Metolius Wood Grips Training Board"