• Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw

    MSRP: $25.95 BEST FOR: Sport climbing   With a lot of new quickdraws these days, we find ourselves trying to fumble the rope through tiny wire gates, or a thin strip of dyneema cutting into … Continue reading "Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw"
  • Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraw

      MSRP: $28.95–$29.95 BEST FOR: Sport climbing, projecting, top roping   The Edelrid Bulletproof is a simple hybrid of old-school, steel safety and new-age design. The idea behind the product is simple but in theory … Continue reading "Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraw"
  • Metolius Bravo Wiregate Quickdraw

      MSRP: $19.95 BEST FOR: Sport, trad or alpine climbing   The redesigned Metolius Bravo Wiregate draw is an excellent all-purpose quickdraw, and it deserves a place on your rack for a variety of reasons. … Continue reading "Metolius Bravo Wiregate Quickdraw"
  • Petzl DJINN Axess Quickdraw

    Petzl DJINN Axess 9.5mm  | $16.95 (12cm) $17.95 (17cm)  | petzl.com ★★★½   The Djinn Axess Quickdraw (the D is silent) is Petzl’s new “beginner’s” quickdraw. But I’d argue that Petzl got it wrong. The Djinn … Continue reading "Petzl DJINN Axess Quickdraw"
  • Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate

    Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate Quickdraw  |  $18.95  |  metoliusclimbing.com ★★★★½   [FEATURES] 2.4 oz (70 g) for 5-inch length 2.5 oz (71 g) for 7-inch length Carabiner Strength: 4,950 lbs 11mm Dyneema sling   There is a monster … Continue reading "Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate"
  • Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw Review

      Petzl Spirit Express $20.95 (12 cm draw), $21.95 (17 cm draw) Four Stars www.petzl.com After using draws that are hard to clip and tend to nosehook on the rope, I was overjoyed by the … Continue reading "Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw Review"
  • Edelrid Tech Web 12mm, 24-Inch Loop Review

    Edelrid Tech Web 12mm, 24-inch loop www.edelridna.com | $6.95 | 5 Stars When it comes to slings, I like Dyneema for its feather weight, water resistance and low bulk, but it has limitations. Dyneema, especially … Continue reading "Edelrid Tech Web 12mm, 24-Inch Loop Review"
  • Quickest Draws

    I’ve always figured that making do with less meant hardship. Less money meant less fun. Less time off meant more work. But a new crop of hyperlight carabiners and draws has changed my tune. These wonders … Continue reading "Quickest Draws"
  • Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw

      Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw | $24.95 | www.bdel.com | 5 Stars Finally, a quickdraw built for actual, real-world sport climbing! The Black Diamond LiveWire is a snazzy green quickdraw that has quickly become my favorite way … Continue reading "Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw"
  • Omega Pacific Telos Keylock Quickdraw

      www.omegapac.com | $20.95 | 4 Stars You use a quickdraw to keep you safe—basically, alive. But how about reading a symptom card or supporting a cause? If you are a woman—or a man with … Continue reading "Omega Pacific Telos Keylock Quickdraw"