• Petzl Actik Core Headlamp

      MSRP: $69.96   BEST FOR: Alpine climbing, winter climbing, multipitching   Have you ever accidentally left your headlamp in the car—or outside the tent, or wherever—on a frigid night before you’re supposed to go … Continue reading "Petzl Actik Core Headlamp"
  • Ledlenser MH10

      MSRP: $80   Light must be important because in an old book, right after God made heaven and earth, it is written that he said, “Let there be light!” If he had had the … Continue reading "Ledlenser MH10"
  • Petzl E+Lite

    $29.90 | www.petzl.com | 4 stars   Less than an ounce is not much. The spoon I eat my cereal with weighs more than the new Petzl e+lite, the latest addition to the continuing arc of LED technology. … Continue reading "Petzl E+Lite"
  • Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp Review

      Princeton Tec EOS | $38.99 | princetontec.com   Weight (with batteries): 3.7 ounces Batteries: 3 AAA Light Settings: 3, plus blink Burn time: 2 to 60 hours   The EOS is the only lamp reviewed with … Continue reading "Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp Review"
  • Black Diamond Zenix IQ Headlamp Review

    Black Diamond Zenix IQ | $47.95 | bdel.com   Weight (with batteries): 5.7 ounces Batteries: 2 AA Light Settings: 7, plus blink Burn time: 8 to 180 hours   Someone at BD has been drinking loads … Continue reading "Black Diamond Zenix IQ Headlamp Review"
  • NiteHawk Eco Headlamp Review

    NiteHawk Eco | $79.95 | nite-hawk.com Weight (with batteries): 10.8 ounces Batteries: 4 AA Light Settings: 2 Burn time: 10 to 96 hours   The new kid on the block, NiteHawk, a Canadian outfit, enters the … Continue reading "NiteHawk Eco Headlamp Review"
  • Petzl Myo RXP

    www.petzl.com | $100 | ★ ★ ★ ★   Gear heads are going to be tweaking and freaking over Petzl’s new MYO RXP. This fully programmable LED headlamp allows you to customize how many lumens … Continue reading "Petzl Myo RXP"
  • Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Review

    Black Diamond Icon Headlamp $59.95 www.bdel.com 4 Stars     Ever since creation, man has feared what he cannot see. When it’s dark, psychos with skinning knives chase buxom lasses through the woods, and rappel … Continue reading "Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Review"
  • Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

    Price | $49.95 www.bdel.com 4-stars   Light is symbolic of everything good in our world, not to mention that it’s useful. We pragmatic, weight-conscious, nit picky, gear-snobby climbers now have two new pocket lights to … Continue reading "Black Diamond Apollo Lantern"