• Petzl Actik Core Headlamp

      MSRP: $69.96   BEST FOR: Alpine climbing, winter climbing, multipitching   Have you ever accidentally left your headlamp in the car—or outside the tent, or wherever—on a frigid night before you’re supposed to go … Continue reading "Petzl Actik Core Headlamp"
  • Petzl E+Lite

    $29.90 | www.petzl.com | 4 stars   Less than an ounce is not much. The spoon I eat my cereal with weighs more than the new Petzl e+lite, the latest addition to the continuing arc of LED technology. … Continue reading "Petzl E+Lite"
  • Black Diamond Zenix IQ Headlamp Review

    Black Diamond Zenix IQ | $47.95 | bdel.com   Weight (with batteries): 5.7 ounces Batteries: 2 AA Light Settings: 7, plus blink Burn time: 8 to 180 hours   Someone at BD has been drinking loads … Continue reading "Black Diamond Zenix IQ Headlamp Review"
  • NiteHawk Eco Headlamp Review

    NiteHawk Eco | $79.95 | nite-hawk.com Weight (with batteries): 10.8 ounces Batteries: 4 AA Light Settings: 2 Burn time: 10 to 96 hours   The new kid on the block, NiteHawk, a Canadian outfit, enters the … Continue reading "NiteHawk Eco Headlamp Review"
  • Petzl Myo RXP

    www.petzl.com | $100 | ★ ★ ★ ★   Gear heads are going to be tweaking and freaking over Petzl’s new MYO RXP. This fully programmable LED headlamp allows you to customize how many lumens … Continue reading "Petzl Myo RXP"
  • Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp Review

      Princeton Tec EOS | $38.99 | princetontec.com   Weight (with batteries): 3.7 ounces Batteries: 3 AAA Light Settings: 3, plus blink Burn time: 2 to 60 hours   The EOS is the only lamp reviewed with … Continue reading "Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp Review"
  • Ledtronics SLR lantern

    Ledtronics SLR lantern | $49.95 | www.ledtronics.com | 3 Stars   Man’s greatest invention wasn’t the lunar module. Nor was it bronze or the sea clock. It was fire. Fire, and its by-product light, transformed man from a … Continue reading "Ledtronics SLR lantern"
  • Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Review

    Black Diamond Icon Headlamp $59.95 www.bdel.com 4 Stars     Ever since creation, man has feared what he cannot see. When it’s dark, psychos with skinning knives chase buxom lasses through the woods, and rappel … Continue reading "Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Review"
  • Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

    Price | $49.95 www.bdel.com 4-stars   Light is symbolic of everything good in our world, not to mention that it’s useful. We pragmatic, weight-conscious, nit picky, gear-snobby climbers now have two new pocket lights to … Continue reading "Black Diamond Apollo Lantern"