• Grivel G20 Plus

    MSRP: $220   BEST FOR: Alpine routes, steep water ice   Grivel’s G20 Plus is a high-end mono-point crampon, at home scratching around in the alpine, kicking into steep pillars, or catching the afternoon rays … Continue reading "Grivel G20 Plus"
  • Black Diamond Snaggletooth

    The Snaggletooth is an eyebrow lifter. Like the name says, the crampon has one front tooth, a widish, almost spoon-like monopoint that protrudes like an extension of your big toe. A stubby, secondary frontpoint rides … Continue reading "Black Diamond Snaggletooth"
  • Cassin Blade Runner

    The Blade Runner may be the most technically advanced, versatile crampon yet devised. The front chassis is chromoly steel, while the heel plate is thinner, lighter, sharper, stainless. Its footprint is that of an asymmetric … Continue reading "Cassin Blade Runner"
  • CAMP XLC Nanotech – Automatic

      Aluminum crampons weigh about half that of their steel counterparts, making them the choice for snow climbing and glacier travel. Trouble is, aluminum front points can bend if you kick them into hard water … Continue reading "CAMP XLC Nanotech – Automatic"
  • GSb Binding plus Scarpa Freney XT boot

        Having nearly had a nasty accident when a clip-on crampon popped off my boot while leading, I was keen to try the new GSb system on the Grivel G14 crampon and Scarpa Freney … Continue reading "GSb Binding plus Scarpa Freney XT boot"
  • Black Diamond Cyborg Pro

      The Cyborg is Black Diamond’s teched-out crampon for ice and mixed climbing. Its materials, bindings, finish and adjustments are the same or similar to those used on the Sabretooth, so we’ll stick to the … Continue reading "Black Diamond Cyborg Pro"
  • Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro

        Black Diamond enters the stainless-steel crampon arena, replacing its chromoly steel (aka carbon steel) Cyborg, Sabretooth, Serac and Contact (latter two not reviewed) with stainless-steel versions. Before digging into how the Sabretooth and … Continue reading "Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro"
  • CAMP Vector Nanotech

    CAMP Vector Nanotech | $279.95 | camp-usa.com ★★★★   These are the lightest steel crampons in the world. Paired with Scarpa’s super-light Phantom Guide, they create a performance combo that nearly competes with a fruit … Continue reading "CAMP Vector Nanotech"
  • Kahtoola MicroSpikes

    $59 | www.kahtoola.com | 4½ Stars   Last year, the first December storm dropped a couple of feet of snow in one fell swoop. A shroud of ice and powder draped the trees, trails and … Continue reading "Kahtoola MicroSpikes"
  • Kahtoola Traction System (KTS)

    Kahtoola Traction System | $139 aluminum, $144 steel | kahtoola.com ★★★★ Going into the mountains for late fall or spring rock climbing? Chances are you might have to traverse ice or steep snow patches. In … Continue reading "Kahtoola Traction System (KTS)"