• Sterling Fusion Nano IX 9mm, 70m

      MSRP: $265.95   Like shoes, a rope is all about feel. How it feels in your fingers when clipping, how it feels through a belay device … Some climbers like a soft, floppy cord, … Continue reading "Sterling Fusion Nano IX 9mm, 70m"
  • Black Diamond 9.2mm Full Dry

    Black Diamond released its rope line in January, offering a total of 13 new cords, from beefy 9.9mm gym ropes to a 7.8mm half rope. At 2.1 ounces per meter, the 9.2mm Full Dry is the … Continue reading "Black Diamond 9.2mm Full Dry"
  • Edelrid Corbie 8.9

    THOUGH IT EXPERTLY caught some massive whippers at the sport crag, the Corbie has a slightly stiffer hand than other ropes, and I found it to be ideal for ice and alpine climbing. The rope was easy … Continue reading "Edelrid Corbie 8.9"
  • Beal Opera 8.5

    Beal Opera 8.5mm | libertymountain.com | $219.95 (60 m) | ★★★★½   With a diameter normally reserved for half ropes, the Opera is the skinniest single-rated rope on the market and the first to break the … Continue reading "Beal Opera 8.5"
  • Petzl Arial 9.5

    Petzl Arial 9.5mm  | $230 (60m) $260 (70m)  | petzl.com ★★★★   My first fall on Petzl’s new rope, and what I now consider the aptly named Arial, was looooong. I had tied in to … Continue reading "Petzl Arial 9.5"
  • Trango Diamond 9.4

    Trango Diamond 9.4mm | $194.95 (60m) $224.95 (70m)  trango.com  ★★★★   Your rope is one of the few pieces of gear you can’t back up. It has to be light, provide a soft catch and … Continue reading "Trango Diamond 9.4"
  • Millet Opposite TRX 9/10

    Millet Opposite TRX 9/10| $299 | milletusa.com ★★★★ This 80-meter cord is broken into two sections of different diameters: 30 meters are 10mm and 50 meters are 9mm. In theory, this allows a chintzy sport … Continue reading "Millet Opposite TRX 9/10"
  • Mammut Climax 9.6

    Mammut Climax 9.6 www.mammut.com | $170 (for 60m) |  4.5 Stars Normally I shy away from ropes that lack dry treatment because I find them to be less durable than their dry-treated counterparts. My opinion has … Continue reading "Mammut Climax 9.6"
  • Edelrid Anniversary 9.7

    Edelrid Anniversary Rope  9.7mm 60m edelrid.de | $209.95 | *** You don’t make ropes for 150 years without learning a few tricks and Edelrid, a German rope manufacturer that has been in the game for … Continue reading "Edelrid Anniversary 9.7"
  • Beal Joker 9.1

    The Joker has multiple-personality disorder. This 9.1mm lead cord is the first-ever rope certified for single, half or twin use. At 53 grams per meter, it’s also the lightest-weight single rope made, just nudging out … Continue reading "Beal Joker 9.1"
  • Yates/Bluewater Slimline Elite 10.8

    Slimline: $215 for 60-meter dry My friend James, an Alaskan native who flips trucks like pancakes, dragged me out to Utah’s fearsome Fisher Towers for a real Western adventure, as he calls anything muddy, loose … Continue reading "Yates/Bluewater Slimline Elite 10.8"
  • Edelweiss Performance 9.2

    The Edelweiss Performance 9.2mm $177 When I ponder all things climbing-related and Teutonic, images of hulking übermenschen cranking one-arms off monodoigts and clipping in with big, beefy cords come to mind. Surprise, then, that one … Continue reading "Edelweiss Performance 9.2"