• La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX

    MSRP: $475 BEST FOR: Ice climbing   The Trango Tower Extreme GTX is the latest offering in La Sportiva’s popular Trango line of alpine boots. With a bit more insulation than the Trango Ice Cube … Continue reading "La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX"
  • La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube GTX

    MSRP: $550 BEST FOR: Mixed climbing, light and fast alpinism   The La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube GTX is a lightweight alpine boot, perfect for mixed climbing, light and fast missions and Alps-genre mountaineering adventures. … Continue reading "La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube GTX"
  • Asolo 6B+ GV Women’s

    Once upon a time, women’s ice-climbing and mountaineering boots were a misnomer— women’s boots didn’t exist, and when they finally came on the market they were often just smaller versions of men’s boots. Enter the women’s … Continue reading "Asolo 6B+ GV Women’s"
  • Arc’teryx Acrux AR GTX Review

    About 15 years ago I chatted with Arc’teryx co-founder Jeremy Guard. He was hyper excited, trembling even, about a possible foray into footwear. Some time later the company had the first proto, a sock dipped in … Continue reading "Arc’teryx Acrux AR GTX Review"
  • Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX Boot Review

    Scarpa Rebel Pro GX | $499  scarpa.com  ★★★★   Only two months ago I reviewed the Scarpa Rebel Ultra GTX, a crazy good ice and mixed boot designed with a dose of input from Ueli … Continue reading "Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX Boot Review"
  • Scarpa Rebel Ultra GTX Review

    Scarpa Rebel Ultra GTX | $539| scarpa.com | ★★★★★   Last winter, Rock and Ice tested and reviewed the Asolo Eiger, a forward-leaning ice and alpine boot that was lighter, less bulky and more agile than … Continue reading "Scarpa Rebel Ultra GTX Review"
  • Scarpa Rebel Ultra GTX Mountain Boot Review

    Scarpa Rebel Ultra GTX | $539 | Five Stars | www.scarpa.com Sizes 37 to 47 in half sizes, plus size 48 The Rebel Ultra GTX is the lightest insulated technical climbing boots ever made. The next lightest … Continue reading "Scarpa Rebel Ultra GTX Mountain Boot Review"
  • Asolo Comp XT Fruitboot Review

    Asolo Comp XT | $670 | asolo.com | ★★★★ The Asolo Comp XT is a mixed/ice fruitboot that has the most rock-shoe-like performance of all fruitboots. The soft upper (lightly insulated) wraps snugly around your foot … Continue reading "Asolo Comp XT Fruitboot Review"
  • Lowa Ice Comp IP GTX

    Lowa Ice Comp GXT | $675 | lowaboots.com ★★★★   When fruitboots first came out I figured that there would be a mad rush to the check-out counter. What ice or mixed climber wouldn’t want … Continue reading "Lowa Ice Comp IP GTX"
  • Asolo Eiger GV

    Asolo Eiger | $500  asolo-usa.com ★★★★   It’s not easy to be an alpine boot. You have to be supple on long marches, board stiff for ice climbing, precise on rock, insulated for warmth, feather … Continue reading "Asolo Eiger GV"
  • Salewa Pro Gaiter Review

    Salewa Pro Gaiter | $599 | salewa.us.com ★★★★   We’ve all attended the alpine Blister Ball. Your ticket to the gala is a boot that is comfortable to hike in but too flexible to climb … Continue reading "Salewa Pro Gaiter Review"
  • LOWA Vajolet GTX Review

    Lowa Vajolet GTX | $365  | lowaboots.com | ★★★★   It’s spring. Sheep are bleating in green fields. Chicks cry for worms. Mountaineers shake off their frosty coils and turn toward the mountains where couloirs and … Continue reading "LOWA Vajolet GTX Review"