• Metolius Corrosion Resistant Carabiner

      MSRP: $9.95 BEST FOR: Climbing near the ocean   It can be easy to take for granted the idea that out climbing gear is going to keep us safe no matter what. But there … Continue reading "Metolius Corrosion Resistant Carabiner"
  • Grivel Mega K6g Twingate

    Grivel Mega K6G Twingate libertymountain.com | $17.95 | ★★★★ The Grivel Twingate carabiner isn’t the first design with two gates, but it is the best. Where the older RockExotica BiWire has its two openings on the … Continue reading "Grivel Mega K6g Twingate"
  • Petzl DJINN Axess Quickdraw

    Petzl DJINN Axess 9.5mm  | $16.95 (12cm) $17.95 (17cm)  | petzl.com ★★★½   The Djinn Axess Quickdraw (the D is silent) is Petzl’s new “beginner’s” quickdraw. But I’d argue that Petzl got it wrong. The Djinn … Continue reading "Petzl DJINN Axess Quickdraw"
  • Metolius Gatekeeper Locking Carabiner

    Metolius Gatekeeper | $17.95 | metolius.com ★★★★   Cross-loading your belay biner while giving someone a catch is like driving without a seatbelt. Usually, everything turns out fine. But if something does go wrong, serious … Continue reading "Metolius Gatekeeper Locking Carabiner"
  • Rock Exotica Pirate Locking Carabiner Review

    ROCK EXOTICA PIRATE LOCKING CARABINER www.rockexotica.com $20.95 Ever notice that when you belay or rappel that your locking carabiner inevitably flips sideways and for a brief instant the rope runs across the locked gate? Ever … Continue reading "Rock Exotica Pirate Locking Carabiner Review"
  • Mad Rock Ultra Light

    Price | $5.95 www.madrockclimbing.com 4 stars   Carabiners are the one piece of climbing gear you can never have enough of. Paradoxically, like socks and beer, they vanish as mysteriously as if they’d been put … Continue reading "Mad Rock Ultra Light"
  • Wiregate Carabiner Review

    Live Wires Once an anomaly, wire-gate carabiners are taking racks by storm. With more than 40 models swelling store shelves, choosing the right one is no longer an open-and-shut case. Carabiners are like Rodney Dangerfield … Continue reading "Wiregate Carabiner Review"
  • DMM Revolver Carabiner

    DMM Revolver $30 Four stars www.dmmclimbing.com Friction, the resistance of motion to surfaces that touch, is paradoxically a friend and foe. Underfoot, we can’t get enough sticky friction. But when we drag the rope up … Continue reading "DMM Revolver Carabiner"
  • Wild Country Helium Review

    Wild Country Helium The Helium Clean Wire is the first carabiner to use the I-beam construction that makes steel girders strong yet light. This application gives the Helium the best strength-to-weight ratio of any carabiner. … Continue reading "Wild Country Helium Review"

    Price | $9.95   www.boulderbaseddesigns.com 4 STARS THE FIRST time I climbed a big wall, my partner and I threw all of our gear in a pile and racked up, only to discover three days later … Continue reading "THE MARK"
  • Petzl Freino

    Price | $39.95, www.petzl.com, 5 stars Two gates for the price of one! Finally, I don’t feel ripped off … nor do I feel insecure lowering a climber much heavier than I am, or myself on … Continue reading "Petzl Freino"
  • CAMP Orbit Twist Lock Carabiner

    CAMP Orbit Twist Lock | $12.95 | www.camp-usa.com | 4 Stars   The past couple of years, carabiner manufacturers have burned the midnight oil liposuctioning away precious grams. Now, CAMP has unleashed its latest creation, … Continue reading "CAMP Orbit Twist Lock Carabiner"