• ClimbTech Legacy Bolt

    Growing up in the 1990’s wasn’t easy—just look at the pants we wore. Thankfully, most of us have changed our pants. The same can’t be said, however, for many old sport crags, where bolts can be dangerously … Continue reading "ClimbTech Legacy Bolt"
  • Bosch 36-Volt Litheon Hammer Drill

                          5 pounds 14 ounces with Slimpack; 7 pounds with regular battery pack   There’s a new boss in town and it’s the Litheon, a  … Continue reading "Bosch 36-Volt Litheon Hammer Drill"
  • ClimbTech Glue-In Wave Bolt

                              Route equippers looking for more “permanent” anchors are increasingly turning to glue-in bolts. One-piece, stainless steel glue-ins do solve lots of problems. For … Continue reading "ClimbTech Glue-In Wave Bolt"
  • Climb Tech Removable Bolt

      The removable bolt has revolutionized sport climbing by making the backbreaking work of equipping bolted climbs much easier—just ask Chris Sharma, Randy Leavitt or Dani Andrada. Simply rap in, drill a hole, either to … Continue reading "Climb Tech Removable Bolt"