• TrailKeg Growler

      MSRP: $40-$199 BEST FOR: Drinking   Bringing together post-climbing libations and keg-quality beer has long been the goal of civilization, from Babylonia to the Greeks and onto ‘Merica…but, alas, problem solved. TrailKeg has brought … Continue reading "TrailKeg Growler"
  • Climbing Addicts Colored Chalk

      MSRP: $16.99 BEST FOR: Any type of climbing   We enjoy chalked up holds during onsight attempts: rather than navigating a sea of uninterpreted rock, the clues and hints about which holds are good … Continue reading "Climbing Addicts Colored Chalk"
  • Wacaco Nanopresso (Portable Espresso Machine)

      MSRP: $64.90 BEST FOR: Camping, backpacking   No more packets of instant coffee; no more bitter, sludgy cowboy coffee. Caffeinating at the campsite just entered a new era with the Nanopresso, by Wacaco. The … Continue reading "Wacaco Nanopresso (Portable Espresso Machine)"
  • Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag

      MSRP: $59.95 BEST FOR: Duh, cold fingers   About damn time. People who don’t get that cold don’t get it. Read on, though, because this affects all of us, whether we are the sufferers … Continue reading "Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag"
  • Kailas Clip-Up Stick Clip

      MSRP: $49.00 BEST FOR: Sport climbing   We usually like to take our chances with a high first bolt (so long as our spotter-cum-belayer isn’t a complete dolt), but after testing the Kailas Clip-Up … Continue reading "Kailas Clip-Up Stick Clip"
  • GSI Glacier 1 Liter Bottle

      Having a piping-hot drink outside in winter or an icy cold beverage in the summer is a luxury, a mood lifter. I’m not going to claim that the GSI Glacier bottle will improve your … Continue reading "GSI Glacier 1 Liter Bottle"
  • Black Diamond Ultralight Chalk Bag

      They say the hardest place to lose weight is around your waist, but the BD Ultralight chalk bag is the exception. Buckle it on, and boom, you just shed one to three ounces and … Continue reading "Black Diamond Ultralight Chalk Bag"
  • Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Generator

    Taking a road trip doesn’t necessarily mean leaving technology behind. When I’m traveling, I use a creative combination of products to keep my spaces bright and my devices charged. My go-to is the Goal Zero … Continue reading "Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Generator"
  • Camp Chef Everest

    The Camp Chef Everest puts your dad’s old camp stove to shame. This portable propane stove, designed in the classic briefcase style, busts out a total of 40,000 BTUs per hour with two 20,000 BTU … Continue reading "Camp Chef Everest"
  • Sea to Summit X-Pot, X-Kettle and X-Pan

    Cooking well on the go is essential to climbing road trips, and Sea to Summit’s X-Series of collapsible hybrid silicone/aluminum cookware is a nice addition to any car-camping kit. The X-Set 32, which includes the … Continue reading "Sea to Summit X-Pot, X-Kettle and X-Pan"
  • Big Kahuna Portable Shower

    Time on the road often equates to sacrificing cleanliness for adventure. While you can get away without showering on weekend road trips, anything longer than a couple days will degrade you to true smelly dirtbag … Continue reading "Big Kahuna Portable Shower"
  • Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

    “If you hauled beer up this rock, you’re insane!” Jonathan Hemlock, a.k.a. Clint Eastwood, said when Ben Bowman offered him a drink in The Eiger Sanction. “I may be insane, but I’m not stupid,” Bowman … Continue reading "Mountainsmith Cooler Tube"