• Sterling Quest 9.6

      MSRP: $256   There’s no need to wear a tuxedo to the office (particularly if you’re working from home), but you don’t want to show up in a ratty t-shirt either. That’s kind of … Continue reading "Sterling Quest 9.6"
  • La Sportiva Testarossa 2.0

      MSRP: $199   Downturned, asymmetric and a supple midsole. A good car won’t fix a bad driver, but it’ll certainly make it harder for the bad driver to mess up. Likewise, the La Sportiva … Continue reading "La Sportiva Testarossa 2.0"
  • Asolo Eiger XT EVO

      MSRP: $625   The pandemic that kept us caged and steering clear of each other as if we had the plague has at least taught me to appreciate normal, small things. Frothy expresso sputtering … Continue reading "Asolo Eiger XT EVO"
  • Beal Ghost

    MSRP: $110   My criteria for reviewing a harness—or any gear for that matter—is that I really like it. Most harnesses are average, but I respect what Beal has done with their Ghost harness. For … Continue reading "Beal Ghost"
  • Petzl Dart Crampons

    MSRP: $250   Since the age of 4, I’ve been distrustful of interchangeable things. You should be too. Why? It’s never as easy in the commercial, and the stuff always breaks. Those arms on my … Continue reading "Petzl Dart Crampons"
  • Grivel Dark Machine

    MSRP: $420   Light, mean and versatile, the Dark Machine is Grivel’s newest tool in their “Machine” line—which also includes the Tech Machine, North Machine and Light Machine—and it is the most technical ice tool … Continue reading "Grivel Dark Machine"
  • Kailas Tabary

    MSRP: $154   “Wow, that’s a thin belay loop,” shouted my friend from across the crag. I was tying in to hop on Spray-a-Thon, one of my favorites at Rifle. At that point, I was … Continue reading "Kailas Tabary"
  • AustriAlpin HMS Rondo Slide Autolock Carabiner

    MSRP: $16.95   Locking carabiners come in few different varieties: You’ve got your standard screwgate locker. Then you’ve got your autolocking twist-lock biner. There are the rarely-seen-in-the-wild  but oh-so-sexy Black Diamond Magnetron autolocking biners. And … Continue reading "AustriAlpin HMS Rondo Slide Autolock Carabiner"
  • Kailas Route Setter Tool Belt

      MSRP: $61 (only $39.95 on Amazon right now!)   For most route setters, tool belts are a must. Setters have an overabundance of things—hardware, safety gear, holds, gum, Clif Bar wrappers and other odds … Continue reading "Kailas Route Setter Tool Belt"

    Sponsored by VSSL   Price: $99 Weight: 12.7 oz Dimensions: 2” x 6” Tech: Integrated, Extended Clip and Flip Handle, Press Button Release, Stainless Steel Burr   The VSSL (pronounced “Vessel”) JAVA is a top-notch … Continue reading "VSSL JAVA"
  • Review: Gunks Apps

    If you’re a rock climber based in the Northeast of the United States, Gunks Apps is a new viable alternative to paper guidebooks or to Rakkup and Mountain Project for smartphone users. Although crowdsourced apps … Continue reading "Review: Gunks Apps"
  • Deuter Guide Lite 24

    MSRP: $130   From the overall fit and feel, to the littlest tiny features, the Deuter Guide Lite 24 is a thoughtfully designed pack for those looking to save weight without sacrificing functionality on technical … Continue reading "Deuter Guide Lite 24"