• Trango Raptor

    MSRP: $174   BEST FOR: Ice, ice, ice   f you’re looking for a solid ice tool, within budget, that swings intuitively, performs on steep ice, and will get you through some low-end scratchy mixed, … Continue reading "Trango Raptor"
  • Evolv General

      MSRP: $170    When I heard of Evolv’s new shoe, “The General,” I wondered whether the name referred to its dominance over other shoes or its ability to do a bit of everything, as … Continue reading "Evolv General"
  • Butora Icarus

    MSRP: $129   BEST FOR: Long approaches   Butora has become one of the biggest players in the U.S. climbing shoe market over the past several years, but the Icarus is the first one of … Continue reading "Butora Icarus"
  • Garmin inReach Mini

    MSRP: $349.99 BEST FOR: Camping in all weather   Garmin’s new inReach Mini might be perfect for climbers and alpinists looking for a satellite SOS communicator with GPS that they could easily stuff in a … Continue reading "Garmin inReach Mini"
  • Grivel G20 Plus

    MSRP: $220   BEST FOR: Alpine routes, steep water ice   Grivel’s G20 Plus is a high-end mono-point crampon, at home scratching around in the alpine, kicking into steep pillars, or catching the afternoon rays … Continue reading "Grivel G20 Plus"
  • Scarpa Instinct VSR

    MSRP: $185   BEST FOR: Bouldering and steep sport climbing   When I first started wearing the Scarpa Instinct VSR, people would come up to me at the gym and ask, “Alex Puccio wears those, … Continue reading "Scarpa Instinct VSR"
  • Evolv Agro

    MSRP: $165   BEST FOR: Hard bouldering and steep sport climbing   The Evolv Agro is a soft, performance-oriented shoe best for hard bouldering or your sport project, indoor and outdoor included. I’ve had a pair for over … Continue reading "Evolv Agro"
  • Tulson Tolf: Trad, Trad XHard and Invernal Shoes

      MSRP: €119.00 (Trad XHard Invernal, Men’s and Women’s); €109.95 (Trad XHard, Men’s and Women’s)   BEST FOR: Long trad climbs and alpine rock climbing   Tulson Tolf is a new brand to appear in … Continue reading "Tulson Tolf: Trad, Trad XHard and Invernal Shoes"
  • Metolius Ultralight Asymmetric Curve Nuts

    MSRP: $149.50 for full set (#1-10); $14.95 for individual sizes   BEST FOR: Everything trad or aid   My rack of passive pro is a bit frankenstein-ish: cobbled together from orphaned chocks at the base … Continue reading "Metolius Ultralight Asymmetric Curve Nuts"
  • Scarpa Maestro Eco and Eco Mid

      MSRP: $190 (Mid Eco and Mid Eco Women’s); $180 (Eco and Eco Women’s)   At last count a dozen brands were pumping 210 different rock shoes into the U.S. market. If you are a … Continue reading "Scarpa Maestro Eco and Eco Mid"
  • Black Diamond Focus

      MSRP: $179.95 BEST FOR: Sport climbing and bouldering   From bouldering on cobble-studded sandstone to sport climbing in the athletic and knee-bar filled roofs of Rifle, the Black Diamond Focus performs like a champ. … Continue reading "Black Diamond Focus"
  • La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX

    MSRP: $475 BEST FOR: Ice climbing   The Trango Tower Extreme GTX is the latest offering in La Sportiva’s popular Trango line of alpine boots. With a bit more insulation than the Trango Ice Cube … Continue reading "La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX"