• AustriAlpin HMS Rondo Slide Autolock Carabiner

    MSRP: $16.95   Locking carabiners come in few different varieties: You’ve got your standard screwgate locker. Then you’ve got your autolocking twist-lock biner. There are the rarely-seen-in-the-wild  but oh-so-sexy Black Diamond Magnetron autolocking biners. And … Continue reading "AustriAlpin HMS Rondo Slide Autolock Carabiner"
  • Kailas Route Setter Tool Belt

      MSRP: $61 (only $39.95 on Amazon right now!)   For most route setters, tool belts are a must. Setters have an overabundance of things—hardware, safety gear, holds, gum, Clif Bar wrappers and other odds … Continue reading "Kailas Route Setter Tool Belt"

    Sponsored by VSSL   Price: $99 Weight: 12.7 oz Dimensions: 2” x 6” Tech: Integrated, Extended Clip and Flip Handle, Press Button Release, Stainless Steel Burr   The VSSL (pronounced “Vessel”) JAVA is a top-notch … Continue reading "VSSL JAVA"
  • Review: Gunks Apps

    If you’re a rock climber based in the Northeast of the United States, Gunks Apps is a new viable alternative to paper guidebooks or to Rakkup and Mountain Project for smartphone users. Although crowdsourced apps … Continue reading "Review: Gunks Apps"
  • Kailas Selma II

    MSRP: $108   The Selma II helmet is a lightweight climbing helmet from the Chinese company Kailas. Coming in two sizes, the Selma II weighs 220 grams for the small, and 245 for the large. … Continue reading "Kailas Selma II"
  • Mystery Ranch Tower 47 Pack

    MSRP: 275   Oh no, oh no. I forgot my shoes. I pawed among the things in my pack. But!—I hadn’t. I just, in half an instant, forgot—they were in their own nifty mesh compartment … Continue reading "Mystery Ranch Tower 47 Pack"
  • Trango Reaction Quickdraw

      MSRP: 6-pack for $116   I’ve got a hodgepodge collection of quickdraws: three from this brand, two from that; four of this model, five salvaged from parts of old draws. You get the idea. … Continue reading "Trango Reaction Quickdraw"
  • DMM Dragonfly Cams

    MSRP: $80 (each)   Size matters.  (I’m talking about cams, people, come on, look at the picture). With cams, the smaller they are, the sexier. DMM knows this—hence their new Dragonfly cams. The #1 Dragonfly … Continue reading "DMM Dragonfly Cams"
  • Black Diamond Zone LV

      MSRP: $140   Black Diamond’s newest edition to their line of climbing shoes is the Zone, available in both regular and low-volume models, as well as multiple colors. The Zone fills a performance gap … Continue reading "Black Diamond Zone LV"
  • Lowa Ice Rocket GTX

      MSRP: $750   For two seasons I’ve been mixed climbing and dry tooling exclusively in Lowa’s Ice Rocket GTX. For the uninitiated, these are lightweight boots ideal for steep ice and mixed routes, dry … Continue reading "Lowa Ice Rocket GTX"
  • The Best Climbing Shoes We’ve Used

      With oodles of options on the market, choosing the absolute best climbing shoes is no easy task. But here at Rock and Ice, we get as many of those shoes into our office as … Continue reading "The Best Climbing Shoes We’ve Used"
  • Beal Birdie Belay Device

      MSRP: $75   When I show up to the crag with a tube-style belay device these days, it seems like every climber looks askance at me and the deprecated technology I cling to, as … Continue reading "Beal Birdie Belay Device"