• Somewear Global Hotspot

    MSRP: $350 BEST FOR: Backcountry travel   There used to be two good reasons not to carry two-way satellite communicators in the backcountry—the darn things were heavy and expensive. But like all technology, these emergency … Continue reading "Somewear Global Hotspot"
  • Black Diamond Distance 8L Pack

      MSRP: $139.95 BEST FOR: Long-haul trail running, scrambling, light-and-fast alpine ascents   If you’re a seeker of Type 2 fun, chances are you’ve dreamed up some pretty wild mountain missions with lots of trail … Continue reading "Black Diamond Distance 8L Pack"
  • La Sportiva Skwama

      MSRP: $170   La Sportiva’s Solution has long been a favorite for hard climbers seeking a pulling and hooking machine for their projects. Climbers working in this wheelhouse, but desiring a bit more versatile … Continue reading "La Sportiva Skwama"
  • Petzl Meteor

    MSRP: $99.95   I appreciate the helmet. I’ve never really needed one, but a couple of years ago a climber I didn’t know thanked me for saying in a podcast interview that you should “never … Continue reading "Petzl Meteor"
  • Black Diamond (New) C4 Camalots

    MSRP: $65 to $125 (depending on size)   BEST FOR: Everything   Black Diamond’s Ultralight Camalots were a game-changer when they came out in 2016: You could carry nearly four pieces for the same weight … Continue reading "Black Diamond (New) C4 Camalots"
  • In the Right Hands: Ice

    Sponsored by Outdoor Research By Owen Clarke Hands are arguably a climber’s most important asset. So when the going gets tough, having a durable, warm and dextrous pair of gloves on hand can mean the … Continue reading "In the Right Hands: Ice"
  • In the Right Hands: Rock

    Sponsored by Outdoor Research By Owen Clarke Hands are a climber’s most important asset. Everyone loves crack climbing (well… except this guy), but no one wants to look like they’ve been spending their spare time … Continue reading "In the Right Hands: Rock"
  • Tendon Master Pro 9.2

    MSRP: $265 (80-meter) BEST FOR: Anything where you want a light rope!   I took the Tendon Master Pro 9.2 to Wyoming for some good old-fashioned summer-time sport climbing. Out of the “box,” the Master … Continue reading "Tendon Master Pro 9.2"
  • Mammut Magic Rope Bag

    MSRP: $69.95 BEST FOR: Gym bag, sitting mat, rope bag   Good things come in threes, or so we are told. Let’s see … The Mammut Magic Rope Bag is tri-use. It makes a nice … Continue reading "Mammut Magic Rope Bag"
  • Boreal Ninja

    MSRP: $120   The first-ever company to release a performance slipper back in 1985, Boreal is back now with a newly designed take on that same shoe: the Ninja. This is actually the first Boreal … Continue reading "Boreal Ninja"
  • Trango Crag Pack 2.0

    MSRP: $120 BEST FOR: Craggin’!   Out at our nearby crag Rifle Mountain Park, I experienced several instances of “pack envy.” As I plopped down the sleek Trango Crag Pack 2.0, nearby belayers looked longingly … Continue reading "Trango Crag Pack 2.0"
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear Prism Pack

      MSRP: $395   BEST FOR: Ice climbing, fast-and-light alpine climbing   High up on a face in Alaska this past May, my fingers were getting cold. My harness was getting a bit twisted. The … Continue reading "Hyperlite Mountain Gear Prism Pack"