Gear Every Indoor Climber Needs Part 2

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1. Trango City Sender $129.95

The City Sender is the perfect companion for weekday climbing: subtle styling blends in for the office, while smart climber-specific features let you bring all the gear you need for those after-work gym sessions. Separate compartments for computers, shoes, chalk and small essentials keep things clean, organized and ready to climb. (Agility rope: Red/white 9.5, 60M, $164.94.)


2. Trango Prism $59.95

The Prism is perfect for sport and gym climbing, providing all-day comfort in  a lightweight and adjustable package. The floating waist-band technology keeps gear and belay loops centered no matter the waist adjustment, fixed leg loops make for the easiest on/off experience, and four low-profile gear loops let you bring all the essentials.


3. Metolius Super Chalk $2.95-$13.95

Liquid Super Chalk $9.95

Over 20 years ago we set out to make the best possible chalk for rock climbing, and Super Chalk was the result. Since then, billions of pitches have been climbed, problems sent, and projects finished. Sure, we could triple the price, but we’d rather you put your money toward what matters—climbing. The #1-selling brand.


4. Scarpa Instinct WMNs $179

With a curved, asymmetric last, highly adjustable lace-up design and a chiseled low-profile toe for precision in pockets and on restrictive footholds, the new Instinct WMN features a modified heel cup to suit lower volume feet. The Instinct WMN is the most supportive WMN’s shoe in the Instinct family, which excels across a variety of technical styles and disciplines.

5. Trango 40 Cal Chalk Bag $14.95

The 40 Cal Chalk Bag’s simple yet thoughtful design blows away all the frustrations of lesser chalk bags. The resilient support around the opening, coupled with the powderseal closure system, secure brush sleeve and Velcro pocket make this the best all-around chalk bag on the market

6. Scarpa Drago LV $189

Portable training rail goes anywhere. Ideal for warming up at the crag. Reversible design yields four different holds in an incredibly compact package.

7. Gnarly BCAAs $39.95

Gnarly BCAAs provide a powerful dose (5 grams) of essential vegan amino acids to support and rebuild muscle before or during intense efforts. Available in berry lemonade (BL) with and without caffeine as well as lemon-lime and fruit punch. All flavors are NSF and BL is NSF for Sport certified.

8. Gnarly Vegan $59.95

Featuring the essential protein you need for active meal replacement or recovery with absolutely no animal-derived ingredients, Gnarly Vegan combines a plant-based protein blend with 14 essential vitamins and minerals for complete vegan nutrition on the go. Available in vanilla and chocolate and is NSF and NSF for Sport certified.

9. Trango Agility 9.8, 40m $114.95

The 9.8 Agility is designed for maximum mileage.  If a normal day involves everything from redpoint burns, to projecting cruxes, to toprope laps and more, the 9.8 Agility is the  rope you need. A thicker diameter means more climbing, and more climbing means everyone is happier. With 40M and 50M lengths, you’ll never have to wait for a lead rope again!

10. Gnarly Performance $41.95

Gnarly Performance Greens is whole-food nutrition for active individuals (think of them as a whole food-based multivitamin). You will not find any proprietary blends so expect full transparency when it comes to the ingredients. Available in lemon mint and blueberry acai and is NSF certified.