• Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer 20˚

      MSRP: $570 (reg); $600 (long)   When it arrived, I thought Mountain Hardwear had sent an empty box. It felt like nothing, but viola, there was a sleeping bag inside. At just 1 pound … Continue reading "Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer 20˚"
  • Scarpa Furia S

      MSRP: $194.95 BEST FOR: Hard sport climbing   As a longtime Scarpa Furia fan—I’ve purchased four pairs and had several resoles—for sport climbing and bouldering, I was naturally curious about the introduction of the … Continue reading "Scarpa Furia S"
  • Jack Wolfskin Aurora Sky 3N1

      MSRP: $299.95 BEST FOR: All-around use, winter   German engineering. That has to be good, right? Jack Wolfskin, founded in Frankfurt in 1981 and still headquartered in Germany, aims for customers “who enjoy multiple … Continue reading "Jack Wolfskin Aurora Sky 3N1"
  • La Sportiva Gripit Kid’s Shoes

      MSRP: $75.00   My shose are awosome becaeus they feal so cumfy and they are my favrot colers! My favrots are green and blue. And thuy stick to the holds very well! Thur very … Continue reading "La Sportiva Gripit Kid’s Shoes"
  • Send Climbing Wizard Sleeve Knee Pad

      MSRP: $39.00 BEST FOR: Sport Climbing, Bouldering   Not too long ago, circa 2014, Canadian crusher Sean McColl was filmed attempting Hubble—Ben Moon’s masterpiece—with a knee pad.  McColl’s critics were swift and numerous comment threads were … Continue reading "Send Climbing Wizard Sleeve Knee Pad"
  • Mammut Smart 2.0

      MSRP: $34.95 BEST FOR: Cragging, Gym Climbing   There’s something nice about being able to see everything that’s happening inside a belay device—all the bends in the rope, what allows that ever-so-important braking to … Continue reading "Mammut Smart 2.0"
  • Rap Ring Strength

    I have seen many rap rings while climbing and doubted their strength and safety. The SMC rings have no mark with an EU number, strength or anything. They may not even be SMC, who knows? … Continue reading "Rap Ring Strength"
  • Why Do People Use Oval Biners?

    Why do people leave oval carabiners at rappel stations? Are they super bomber for that use?  —Cracklord via rockandice.com    Oval biners are the dumpy weaklings in the herd, left behind to die because no … Continue reading "Why Do People Use Oval Biners?"
  • Boulder Denim 2.0

      MSRP: $148.00 BEST FOR: Bouldering   During my early climbing days, I bouldered in jeans: not because of their unparalleled functional benefits on the rock, but rather because they gave that look of nonchalance, … Continue reading "Boulder Denim 2.0"
  • Osprey Mutant 38

      MSRP: $170.00 BEST FOR: Light and fast alpinism   The new Osprey Mutant 38 lives up to its name: this thing is freakishly good for alpine climbing. We’ve taken it out for long days … Continue reading "First Look: Osprey Mutant 38"
  • Mountain Hardwear Women’s EDP Waffle Long Sleeve Shirt

    MSRP: $70   BEST FOR:  Cragging, around town   If you’re a sucker for a soft pullover, read on. New for fall, the Women’s EDP Waffle Long Sleeve Shirt from Mountain Hardwear is soft, flowy … Continue reading "Mountain Hardwear Women’s EDP Waffle Long Sleeve Shirt"
  • The Theory of Slings

      My buddy followed me up a pitch and said he couldn’t believe that I’d clipped old tat on a fixed piece of pro. Can a bundle of tat collectively be strong enough to hold … Continue reading "The Theory of Slings"