Mammut Champs Pants

Mammut Champ Pants field test report by Rock and Ice magazine.


$229 | | 4 Stars

The Mammut Champ Pants come in whatever color you want as long as it’s black. They have zip side pockets, a thigh pocket, reinforced and articulated knees, suspender loops, a crampon protected instep and an ankle-to-calf zipper. Sounds pretty typical until you get to the invisible stuff, Schoeller’s Cold Black Technology (CBT), a sleight of hand fabric technology that makes these pants comfortable in temperatures that would otherwise send you running for your shorts.

Cold Black Technology is a finish that reflects up to 80 percent of UV rays, making the pants 12 degrees cooler than similar pants without the coating. In short, you get the warmth of the pant’s insulation yet don’t fry in the dark-colored pants on sunny days. Will Cold Black Technology make July in Death Valley feel like New Years Eve on top of the Grand Teton? No, but it does a good job of extending the pant’s comfort range. I lived in the Champs, wearing them through the winter, spring and into the summer. I rock and ice climbed and trekked comfortably in them when everyone around me was wearing shorts (and I have a furnace for a body, always overheating first). Cool Max fibers on the inside of the pants also helped move moisture out.

  • Alpine pant with UV reflecting technology.
  • Dark color stays cool in direct sun.
  • Cool Max lining wicks away moisture.