PrAna Revere Long Sleeve T-Shirt

As summer verges into fall, you are pulling on the long-sleeved tops.


MSRP: $49

BEST FOR: Cragging or gym wear


A friend years ago had a scoop-neck prAna top that she said she used all the time.

“It’s in there every wash,” she said.

You wear a shirt every time you climb. While hers had three-quarter-length sleeves, as summer melds into fall—sorry but true, it’s begun—you are pulling out the long-sleeved ones.

The Revere Long Sleeve T-Shirt is just a nice, lightweight, silky item, a go-to you might find is in the laundry every time. Scoop necks are always great for layering, because they come on and off without pulling your hair ties or clips—hate hair blowing in your eyes on a climb—off or cockeyed. The scoop neck is also just a graceful look. Scalloped hem is flattering as well.

This is performance wear, is moisture-wicking and anti-odor, 100 percent polyester. It fits over a cami or T. But it is a workhorse mainly because it is soft and light.

The sleeves are super long, which is always nice, with thumb holes, though this tester has never used ’em. Single problem here is that between the sleeves being long and the fabric and thread silky, belay gloves with Velcro closures can keep catching at the wrist, creating picks and scuffs around the cuffs. You have to pay attention, to bother making it a habit, to put on your gloves with some care and match up the tabs well.


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