Stonewear Designs Drishti Tank and Ascending Tank

Loose-fitting tank tops, one in eyelet fabric and one a loose version of classic sport cami.


MSRP: $48; $56

BEST FOR: Cragging or gym wear


Truth is, it caught my eye, is all. Same, apparently, for the woman co-owner of Water Stone Sports in Fayetteville, in the heart of the sublime New River Gorge, West Virginia. She had put this eyelet tank top out on a mannequin. The fabric looked pretty—and cool, literally.

Entire item is made with eyelet fabric.

The Drishti Tank is a delight to climb in, because it is stretchy, ventilated and flowy, meaning that on a hot day it won’t adhere to as much surface area as a standard sport cami. The item is also, in a boon to us practical (or lazy) folks, that handy kind of loose active wear that can go not just to the gym or crag but into the grocery store and maybe the office without user embarrassment. The looseness, plus the lacy impression given by the eyelet pattern, makes it almost dressy; this tester actually considered wearing it to an awards dinner. You could do that, at least if it hadn’t begun to look at all roughed up. Graceful round neck and curved hem.  Great summer item.

The same fabric is used in an eyelet Tee and similar pullover, and could be layered under either.

Another piece to consider for summer wear with reduced surface contact is the Ascending Tank, new to the line. An entrant in the chichi world of slim multi-straps, it is fitted but only loosely, and is moisture-wicking, which makes all the difference for  any kind of approach. Most women will wear a sports bra beneath it: The makers pair it with their comfortable Tempo Bra ($44). If you go same color, it looks—in this one person’s opinion—like a lot of straps, a ball of confusion. It simplifies the effect to combine the plain tank with a print Tempo or vice versa. Women with a climber build might want to go up one size for the bra. This tester paired a medium Ascending Tank and large-size Tempo and, and an acquaintance who is normally size small went up to medium for the Tempo.



Drishti Tank

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Ascending Tank

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