First Look: Patagonia RPS Rock Pants

A first look at Patagonia’s new lightweight rock pants.

By Rock and Ice | February 22nd, 2018


RPS Rock Pants



MSRP: $89.00

BEST FOR: All-around technical rock climbing and summer alpinism

Patagonia’s new lightest weight climbing pant—available in men’s and women’s versions— are made with stretchy water-repellent material designed to be breathable but also to defend against the elements. Made from 52% recycled nylon, as we have come to expect from environmentally conscious Patagonia, these pants have articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for unrestricted movement during technical climbing and low profile pockets and fastenings that lie flat under a harness. The hidden waist-adjustment system is mind-boggling at first but actually incredibly easy to use by holding the fly button and pulling the webbing tail. This design keeps the waistband low profile, and eliminates bulky drawstrings. The ankle cuffs can be adjusted using an unimaginably minimal shock cord and cord lock, so small you may doubt they work. We can assure you they do. A zipped thigh pocket completes the all-around functionality of these pants, making them a top new choice for rock climbers of all levels.


Check the Patagonia RPS Women’s and Men’s Pants.


Rock and Ice vigorously tests all gear it reviews for either 50 days or 50 pitches. This is a time-consuming process and limits the amount of new equipment we can present to our readers. Every year hundreds of new products hit store shelves, and most of these aren’t reviewed due to our stringent selection and review process. To better keep you more up to date on what is new, we present First Look. Gear in First Look has not been field tested, but is gear we think you’d like to know about as soon as it is available. Some of the gear will be reviewed using our 50 days/50 pitches criteria, in future print and online editions of Rock and Ice.

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