First Look: Hippy Tree Crag Shorts

Well-built shorts for bouldering. With the Crag Shorts Hippy Tree haven’t attempted to reinvent the wheel; they’ve just done it right.

By Rock and Ice | May 18th, 2018

Crag Shorts

Hippy Tree


MSRP: $55.95

BEST FOR: Bouldering both indoors and out


It’s the build quality of these Crag Shorts that really stands out. They’re simple, yet simply well made.

Hippy Tree are a California-based company producing men’s climbing, surfing and outdoor lifestyle clothing and accessories using environmentally responsible materials and methods. The Crag Shorts, designed for climbing and everyday wanderings, are a great example of the craftsmanship offered by the company.

The shorts are comfortable and feel great, and allow for freedom-of-movement with their no-blow-out gusseted crotch. Made of stretch cotton with a twill weave, the Crag Shorts are durable and soft against your skin. Cotton twill is also wrinkle resistant, so you can live like a dirtbag without looking like one. The elasticated waist sits well and the drawstring, while simple and uncomplicated, is sturdy and doesn’t come undone halfway through your session.

The Crag Shorts have four good-sized pockets—two in the front and two on the back, one with a flap—and they aren’t just decorative, you can actually fit your phone, wallet and keys in them and not worry about them jiggling out. There’s also a small elasticated loop on the waist for those who like to carry a brush with them at all times.

The shorts have a loose fit, adding to comfort and mobility, but they do bunch up a touch when worn under a harness. As such, these shorts are better suited to bouldering, both inside and out, along with any number of other outdoor activities where comfort, mobility and fabric durability are valued.

With the Crag Shorts Hippy Tree haven’t attempted to reinvent the wheel; they’ve just done it right.


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