Backcountry Double Dyno Women’s Climbing Pant

For any kind of climbing

MSRP: $99.95

BEST FOR: All-around use, rock or indoor climbing


The waist does it: a high, thick, comfy waistband pretty much makes these climbing pants. The Backcountry Double Dyno women’s climbing pant sits up under a harness without any weird gapping, and, with neither snaps nor zipper, nor even a need to use the interior drawstring, saves you fumbling when you want to relieve yourself.

It can seem hard to find a great pair of women’s climbing pants, but these stretch pants are comfortable and stout, not thin and clinging like leggings. They have streamlined front pockets, which are nice for topos or for doubling for hiking and carrying anything, and a zip pocket in back (lip balm, small sunscreen tube, etc.).

They come to just the right length, mid-calf, and are tapered, which is nice for seeing your foot placements. My only gripe is that the bottom hem is slightly snug and can ride up. I’d rather never notice it.

The women’s Double Dynos are from a new technical-wear collection from the longtime online retailer Backcountry—think climbing but also skiing, fishing and camping.

I’ve worn the pants a dozen times, and have hit (scratched or bumped into) plastic holds and volumes with a leg or hip, with no signs of wear. Price is medium-high, but they will get tons of use. The pants suit any kind of climbing and are good for around town and travel.




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