Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate

There is a monster that looms above the Rock and Ice after-work crag known as Deep Eddy.

Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate Quickdraw  |  $18.95  | ★★★★½



2.4 oz (70 g) for 5-inch length

2.5 oz (71 g) for 7-inch length

Carabiner Strength: 4,950 lbs

11mm Dyneema sling


There is a monster that looms above the Rock and Ice after-work crag known as Deep Eddy. It’s 115 feet tall, and sports 17 bolts along its overhanging face. Racking up to “take the plunge,” as we like to call it, always sends a swarm of butterflies darting through my gut. What’s worse is that before I get in the ring with this 5.11b giant, I’ve increased my climbing weight by roughly three pounds of draws—and the crux of Deep Eddy is at the second bolt!

Recently, however, the sag of my harness has lessened thanks to the new Bravo Wire-Gate Quickdraw by Metolius. These draws are a combination of ultra-light, 30-gram Bravo carabiners, and thin 11 mm Dyneema Monster slings that come in 5- and 7-inch lengths.

I admit, holding one of the Bravo Quickdraws in hand was initially a bit disconcerting. Due to the biners’ lean weight, the draw has an almost toy-like feel. But don’t be fooled. These babies can hold 22kNs (4,950 pounds). Unless you’re planning to drop a Mack truck onto these draws, feel free to run it out and whip big.

The Bravo Wire-Gate Quickdraw is featherlight, one of the very lightest for its size—the biners are not what I’d call full-sized, but neither are they those micro jobs that are limited in utility to clipping bolt hangers. The Bravo with a 5-inch sling weighs, 2.4 ounces.

I did have one qualm with the 7-inch Bravo. The top loop on this size sling has a loose, open cut. When hung on a bolt, the sling can twist and make a difficult clip well … more difficult. I’d opt instead for the shorter (and lighter) 5-inch sling.

Overall, I’m psyched on the Bravos. With 17 of these draws on my harness, I’ll be a whole pound lighter for my next round with Deep Eddie. Take that!