Edelrid Bulletproof Quickdraw

These things are bombproof.


MSRP: $28.95–$29.95

BEST FOR: Sport climbing, projecting, top roping


The Edelrid Bulletproof is a simple hybrid of old-school, steel safety and new-age design. The idea behind the product is simple but in theory very effective: Edelrid has used a steel inset to protect the vertex of the lower biner from continuous rope abrasion—particularly useful during projecting and top roping—thereby increasing the lifespan of the quickdraw and protecting the rope from sharply eroded aluminum edges.

This draw has other nice features as well. Both the upper straight-gate and bottom bent-gate biners are smooth and ergonomic. The upper biner has a narrow nose that makes it easy to place and strip, and the sling (which comes in 12 or 18 cm lengths) is a chunky 22 millimeters—great for pulling on.

Given the Bulletproof’s steel component, it’s little surprise that, at just over 4 ounces each, these quickdraws are among the heaviest on the market. But once you’re climbing they don’t feel cumbersome, and instead feel solid and reassuring—and have the added bonus of not flapping around in the wind. You’ll pay a few dollars more for the Bulletproofs than other sport draws, but given the extended lifespan you can expect from them, they’re a solid investment.



Bulletproof 18 cm dogbone

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