Edelrid Tech Web 12mm, 24-Inch Loop Review

Field tested review of the Edelrid Tech Web 12mm, 24-inch loop.

Edelrid Tech Web 12mm, 24-inch loop

www.edelridna.com | $6.95 | 5 Stars

When it comes to slings, I like Dyneema for its feather weight, water resistance and low bulk, but it has limitations. Dyneema, especially narrow-width slings, abrades easily and is slippery, an issue with clove hitches, water knots or prusiks.

Edelrid’s new Tech Web solves those problems by weaving nylon around and through a Dyneema core. The result is a sling that’s 40 percent lighter than nylon, yet is as abrasion resistant and holds knots just fine. I tested the Tech Web on sharp limestone and on anchors for ice climbs and also found that it is much stiffer than nylon or Dyneema, making it easy to untie after it has been knotted and weighted.