Wild Country Superlight Rocks

Nearly 30 chock shapes jam sales bins, so you wouldn’t figure it possible – or necessary – to introduce yet another version….


Nearly 30 chock shapes jam sales bins, so you wouldn’t figure it possible—or necessary—to introduce yet another version. Nevertheless, the Superlight Rocks shoulder-in by weighing a mere 3.5 ounces for a set of six ($70), a remarkable 40 percent less than Wild Country’s own comparably sized Rocks.

Available in medium sizes, from .27 to .62 inches, bridging the gap between micro nuts and regular wires, these deft creatures shed the fat two ways. They are strung on a single cable, rather than a traditional looped wire, and are trimmed widthwise, narrowing their wide profile by about 40 percent.

I found the double-tapered, plug-like Superlights to be more useful than standard-shaped nuts, which I seldom, if ever, place endwise. Because the Superlights vary little from their wide to narrow profiles, you can slap one in, and upon finding it a tad too big or small, simply rotate it to down- or up-size, rather than futz about on the rack for another nut. The single, low-profile cable also lets the nuts slot and seat markedly better in any placement, shallow or deep, than a standard, wire-loop nut.

Smartly anodized in colors that match their Rock cousins (e.g., the purple #1 Superlight has the same cross dimension as the purple #1 Rock), a set of Superlights also lets you rack up without memorizing a new color-coding system. Wild Country/Excalibur: 801-942-8471, wildcountry.co.uk