La Sportiva Gripit Kid’s Shoes

“Feal so cumfy and they are my favrot colers!”


MSRP: $75.00


My shose are awosome becaeus they feal so cumfy and they are my favrot colers!

My favrots are green and blue. And thuy stick to the holds very well! Thur very brit colord.

I did all the green ploplems and one blue and my dad heped me. I climed in the Monky House.

——Amelia, age 7


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***Editors note: We don’t claim this is an objective review, but it’s about time kids write about their own gear. This review was written by Amelia, age 7, our youngest gear reviewer. Her exuberance for the shoe should speak for itself and, though pressed for details, she could not be conned into any revisions of any sort.