Black Diamond Shadow

A downturned, aggressive shoe made for steep climbing and sending your project.


BEST FOR: Hard climbing, hard bouldering


The Black Diamond Shadow is the Johnny Cash of shoes—all black, meant for business. With a downturned toe and ample room for your toes to fit properly (forever an issue with aggressive shoes), it was made for steep, hard climbing. The shape of the toe isn’t tailored for a specific type of climbing, i.e., edges, and that’s right, as it is rounded enough to be all-purpose shoe, but not too round that it won’t stuff into pockets. The uppers are synthetic and have BD’s signature weave-knit technology, which keeps the stink at bay. The Shadow pulled on smoothly, and the single (high) Velcro strap didn’t seem a liability; in fact, given the full-rubber toe, it will be a toe-hooker’s delight. The front half of the shoe feels well structured. It loosens considerably in the mid-shoe, due to the 4.3mm-thick rubber on the toe—quite thick in terms of industry standard—that translates to durability. The Shadow is an excellent addition to the ever-growing stock of Black Diamond’s climbing shoes.


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