Tendon Master Pro 9.2

This thing is slick.

MSRP: $265 (80-meter)

BEST FOR: Anything where you want a light rope!


I took the Tendon Master Pro 9.2 to Wyoming for some good old-fashioned summer-time sport climbing. Out of the “box,” the Master Pro never kinked or twisted in annoying ways, even when lowering through drop-ins and quick links. Even better, the bold and wide black middle marker is hard to miss.

Tendon claims their improved sheath reduces abrasion 20 to 30%, and I believe it. Too often I have had skinny ropes show even the slightest amount of wear after a few dozen pitches of sharp limestone, but, despite being on the thin side, the Master Pro showed not a single sign of peach fuzz after 50 pitches. 

The handling of the Master Pro is pure class, due largely to Tendon’s Simple Braid System (SBS), which decreases the overall friction of the sheath. The SBS uses single-strand braids, whereas many ropes use double-strands. The one downside to such low friction is that the rope glides so smoothly through various types of belay devices that it can be a tad hard to control given its small diameter.

Going the extra mile, the sheath is lined with particles of Teflon to prevent the rope fibers from being damaged by dust and debris, and the dry finish means it won’t absorb more than 5% of its weight, per UIAA regs. 

Tendon’s dry treatment also makes the Master Pro ideal for alpine and ice climbing, but with its competitive weight of 58 g/m, this rope is a great choice for any outing where weight is a concern. At $265.00 for an 80 meter and $242.00 for a 70 meter, it’s not nearly as expensive as some of the competition, making it a steal.


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