Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

A “workhorse” helmet, as the manufacturer describes it.


MSRP: $59.95

BEST FOR: All around use, any type of climbing


Black Diamond has redesigned this redoubtable all-arounder, available now in women’s and as of July/August in the men’s/unisex model.

The Half Dome is a nice, light helmet with a great adjustment system. It took a couple pitches to dial in the fit (at first the helmet slid back) but once it is placed right, hooked under the back of the head and dialed in with the wheel adjustor—new this year—in the back, it is really on.

For a ponytailed female, it’s hard not to see the ponytail notch in the shell and suspension system as the main event. Men’s helmets, from climbing to skiing, push and inch your hair elastic down. They fall off and your hair blows around super annoyingly and whips you in the eyeballs.

The new model has increased ventilation, with five vents on each side, up from two, and low-profile headlamp grips. If you were rapping off a long route in the dark, you’d sure be glad to have them or, conversely, sorry to have a headlamp pop off and drop.

Perhaps the best news is the great price point. If the usual top consideration is simply wearing a helmet as opposed to leaving it in the trunk or your pack, even more important is having, which means affording, one at all.


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