So iLL Carcass Catcher Bouldering Pad Review

So iLL Carcass Catcher $299Real Estate: 22 square feetThickness: 4.5 inchesWeight: 20 poundsDesign: Hinged with two padsThe Carcass Catcher hinges cle…

SoILL.jpg So iLL Carcass Catcher $299 Real Estate: 22 square feet Thickness: 4.5 inches Weight: 20 pounds Design: Hinged with two pads

The Carcass Catcher hinges cleanly and secures with just two buckles (half metal, half plastic), making it one of the easiest and fastest pads to pack up and relocate. A small, velcroed pouch sewn into one of the three closure flaps was a squeeze for shoes, chalkbag, wallet, snacks and brushes, and, inexplicably, was stitched across the middle of the flap, cutting the pocket’s potential size in half. A few snips with the scissors eliminated the stitching, creating a super-size pocket large enough to stow a small child. As a landing pad, the Carcass Catcher is among the firmest and largest—Allah help you if ever fall from high enough to actually punch through the padding. Auto carpet, a good scruffy surface for your boots, is on the deck side and cleans up with a hose. Reinforced corners protect these wear points and two grab handles make the pad easy to scoot around.