CAMP Daisy Chain Twist

CAMP daisychain uses a clever twist in the pockets to prevent coming unclipped in case of an accidental shock load.

camp-DAISY-chain-TWIST.jpg | $39.95 | ★★★★









A better mousetrap. That’s the Daisy Chain Twist. If you have read Climb Safe: Daisy Chain Dangers, then you know that if you clip one carabiner to two pockets in a daisychain, and one pocket rips out, the daisychain is no longer clipped to your pro or anchor. It’s startling, and potentially deadly.

The Daisy Chain Twist eliminates the danger by incorporating a twist into the latticework of the chain. If you make the mistake of clipping two pockets with one carabiner—something I do several times a year, at least—the Daisy Chain Twist still has you covered. While you shouldn’t use any daisychain in place of the rope to anchor to a station, or clip pro on lead, sometimes, such as when you are rappelling a multi-pitch route, you don’t have the rope to anchor yourself. In those situations the Daisy Chain Twist is a welcome addition of safety.

Rated to 22kN, the full length of the Daisy Chain Twist is full runner strength. Each “pocket” is rated to 3kN, which might seem low, but it is in fact advantageous: If you accidentally fall and shock load the Daisy Chain Twist, the pockets will rip out, acting as a sort of load-limiting “Screamer.” Rip out all the pockets, and you are still clipped to the runner portion of the daisychain.


• Twisted pocket design adds degree of safety

• Polyester

• 22kN

• CE and UIAA certified

• 48- and 54-inch lengths

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