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With the push of a button the SPOT Gen3 allows you to Check In with family and friends while adventuring or send emergency responders your GPS location. 

—Pocket-sized, lightweight, rugged

—Key features: you can alert emergency responders, Check In with family or friends with pre-set messages, and share GPS coordinates all with the push of a button

—S.O.S.: allows you to alert local response teams in the case of an emergency

—Tracking: motion sensitive tracking allows you to track updates when you are moving and stops when you stop

—Check Ins: you can send a pre-programmed message out to your contacts

—Custom messages: set up a message before leaving to send to contacts with your GPS location

—Save Our Vehicle feature alerts your personal contacts that you need help in non-life-threatening situations. Or, use SPOT S.O.V. for professional services on land. (Additional service required).


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