GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cookset

MSRP: $44.95

BEST FOR: Multi-day alpine climbs


With GSI Outdoors’ Pinnacle Soloist Cookset, you get your pot with a lid and handle, your bowl and a foldable utensil all in one light-weight, nest-able package. The people who’ll really want to take a look at this are all you alpinists cutting grams and optimizing space in your expedition packs.

The Cookset is just 10.9 ounces (pot, bowl, spork). The pot is 1.1 liters in volume, and the bowl (which doubles as a mug, mind you!) can hold 14 fluid ounces. But with dimensions of only about 5” by 5” by 5” (we know, we know:  it’s a cylinder, not a cube; but who said you can’t square a circle!) it takes up precious little space in your 40-liter pack. Even better is that the Russian-Doll-like design also factors in enough room for you to fit a small burner and gas canister in the pot. So don’t worry about having to shove your extra socks or mittens in the pot to ensure you use every cubic inch of space; the Pinnacle Soloist cookset has you covered in that department.  

There are also a couple smaller features that fly under the radar but are sure to be appreciated. When stowed, the pot handle locks into place on top so as to keep the lid snugly in place and prevent all the other components inside from spilling out. Also very cool: turn the lid 180-degrees, and voila, you have a built-in strainer thanks to the line of 11 small holes in the rim. Or flip the lid upside down, and snap it into place on top of your bowl (er, mug) for your morning coffee.

Material-wise, the pot is made of anodized aluminum and coated with a non-stick Teflon finish. We still wouldn’t advise cranking that stove full blast unless you want to be scraping burned bits from the bottom, but all-in-all the non-stick performance is quite good. The bowl feels a tad flimsy, but it hasn’t cracked on us yet, and the insulation sleeve slides on and off easily.

Even if you’re not a masochistic alpinist, the Pinnacle Soloist Cookset is worth a look.While some dirtbags are content to eat refried beans out of the can for days on end, some climbers at least prefer the pretense of preparing and consuming meals in a civilized fashion. This should do the trick.



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