GSI Glacier 1 Liter Bottle


Having a piping-hot drink outside in winter or an icy cold beverage in the summer is a luxury, a mood lifter. I’m not going to claim that the GSI Glacier bottle will improve your climbing, but I will say that it brings you good cheer. This stainless-steel thermos keeps drinks hot or cold all day. Last summer it even had ice left over from 24 hours earlier. In winter when I filled the bottle with boiling tea, I actually had to let it cool in the rubber-coated screw-off mug before I could drink it. A fine trick: crunch up a pack of Ramen noodles, add the chemical/flavor pack and boiling water. The noodles will cook in the bottle. Out at the ice climb or cold crag you’ll have a hot meal with carbs and a hot drink with electrolites all in one swig. Disadvantages? The one-liter version is heavy at 23.5 ounces empty. I still carried it, always. If weight is an overriding concern, the bottle is available in lighter, if smaller, versions from 17-ounce capacity to half liter.


PROS: Keeps drinks hot or cold all day, even overnight. Screw-off insulated mug. Four sizes: 17 oz., 24 oz., half liter, liter.

CONS: Liter bottle weighs 23.5 oz.


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This review appeared in Rock and Ice issue 248 (February 2018).


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