Black Diamond Ultralight Chalk Bag


They say the hardest place to lose weight is around your waist, but the BD Ultralight chalk bag is the exception. Buckle it on, and boom, you just shed one to three ounces and didn’t have to do a single sit up. There really isn’t much to say about a bag that holds chalk, but the Ultralight is word worthy not just because it weighs less than the block of chalk it holds, but because its unique thin-cord waist belt lets you quickly slide the bag to the side or front to get it out of the way, and because the bag is light without being tiny. My hands (size medium) never had a problem getting in or out. The problem, or perhaps “minor issue” is more accurate, is that the bag is so light a wisp of a breeze can dump it. On windy days I had to put a rock in the bag to hold it down.


PROS: Superlight, holds a block of chalk. Minimalist corded waist belt makes repositioning the bag very easy.

CONS: Costs $5 to $10 more than heavier bags. Dumps easily on breezy days.


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This review appeared in Rock and Ice issue 248 (February 2018).


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