Contributor’s Guidelines


Profiles, expedition stories, destinations, adventures, creative-thought pieces, historic pieces. Most pieces depend on availability of excellent photos. 3000-6000 words. Many are freelance-written.

Vantage Point

Run periodically. 1200-1500 word opinion or experiential essays.


Accept freelance contributions, again rarely. 600-700 words. This department is about climbers who are either up-and-coming or at the top of their game, the height of their powers. We try to alternate males and females with each issue. The lead is generally one-fourth to a scant one-third of the text. Use and bring us into an illustrative story, with only brief additional background.

Include a sidebar with bulleted “best hit” points.

For the Q/A, be brief and fast-paced as far as possible. Challenge or parry with your subject as possible. This is intended as a humorous, entertaining section of the magazine, although thoughtfulness on the part of the subjects is always appropriate and certainly sorrow may be, too.

Excellent portrait or photo source needed.

What I’ve Learned

Staff-written, with rare exceptions.

About 650 words. This section is generally for icons of the sport, people who have done much and are recognizeable. The identifying subhead must be short. Again, we alternate male and female subjects.

Text is all direct quotes in response to the interviewer’s questions.

The point with these is not to fall into, essentially, What I’ve Done. The subjects are all really interesting people who have done a lot, so it’s easy to verge into that. Seek out what they’ve LEARNED from what they’ve done.

Excellent portrait or photo source needed.

My Epic

Almost entirely freelance written (written by person who was there).

1,200-1,500 words. First-person tales of the unexpected or untoward, ideally of coping and decision making. Some are survival stories, some are of acts or nature, and some involve handy miracles; a few are humorous. Use much sensory detail to show and bring us into the situation. Give thoughts, dialogue and characterization. Allow us to relate and wonder what we’d do in your situation. if you can include a takeaway message as well as resolution, that is valuable. Author photo may be used.


Written by regular columnist. Rarest of exceptions. Up to 1,000 words. Specific how-to, with sidebars and bullet points. Needs an illustrative lead but beyond that very simple and clear instructions. Photos needed.

Climbers We Lost

Contributions accepted and appreciated. These run online, which means they are unpaid, yet widely read and meaningful. Please give name, age and date of death of the subject, then 300-600 words of obituary. Include home area and profession, climbing areas frequented, possibly favorite or milestone climbs, and contributions to climbing (whether through art, route or area development, committee or trail work, innovation, etc), achievements, personal traits and character. Please try to include quotes by and about the person. Ideally you will use at least two quotes. Taking one or so from written / posted words is OK, just please identify the source. Please include cause of death and, if the death was climbing-related, some information as possible. Link to other articles if relevant. You may wish to list survivors. Please supply a photo, ideally taken climbing or in any case outdoors, and permission to use it. We thank you in advance.


Rock and Ice print pays $.25 a published word.

Our photo rates pay:

  • Cover $450
  • Spread $275
  • Full Page $225
  • 2/3 $150
  • 1/2  or equivalent $115
  • 1/3 or equivalent $75
  • 1/4 $60
  • 1/6 $40
  • spot $25