Yosemite Facelift 2019

The 16th annual Yosemite Facelift wrapped up a couple weeks ago— another great event in the books!

By Brian Holstein | October 14th, 2019


The Yosemite Facelift, a massive clean-up effort in Yosemite National Park, is the largest event hosted in any National Park. It draws volunteers from all over the world. Climbers, hikers and park lovers unite to clean up the area they love. It is a great way to give back to the park that provides so much to so many.


[Also Watch VIDEO: Walls Are Meant For Climbing – Ken Yager]


This year’s evening programs featured talks and slideshows from some of the biggest names in climbing.  To name a few: Mike and Liliana Libecki, Jim Reynolds, Tommy Caldwell, Camille Fiducia and Emily Harrington. They kept the crowds entertained all week long, while Tioga Sequoia Brewing supplied tasty beverages.

This years sponsors included Black Diamond, Patagonia, PrAna, and The North Face (the raffle prizes were awesome!). A new addition to the line up this year was a panel discussion about responsible consumerism.

If you missed any or all of this year’s Facelift, be sure to check out all of the live-streamed videos on You Tube (one of which is below).



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