VIDEO: Woods and Webb Crush The Nest (V15)

Watch Canadian pro climber, Will Gadd - Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year - as he climbs Niagara Falls (WI 6+) in this incredible video by Red Bull.

By Rock and Ice | March 12th, 2014

“Success is based on finding the right partners.” — Reinhold Messner

The partnership of Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods has yielded a plethora of hard boulder problems. As two of the world’s leading climbers, this powerful duo motivate each other to dig deep and reach new levels of psyche. Check out this awesome video by Cameron Maier (aka Bearcam Media) that documents the first and second ascent of The Nest (V15).  

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New V16, "Poison the Well," by Giuliano Cameroni

It’s the young Swiss climber’s first of the grade.

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New Format Proposed For Climbing in 2024 Olympics: No More Combined!

Well, the Combined format would mostly be gotten rid of. Bouldering and lead one comprise one event, and speed the other. Fingers crossed it gets the green light!

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"Patagónicos Desesperados" - Siebe Vanhee and Max Didier Nab a First Free Ascent in Patagonia

Siebe Vanhee shares the story of his and Max Didier’s new free climb down in the Southern Hemisphere.

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