Shawn Raboutou Makes Sixth Ascent of “Creature From The Black Lagoon” (8C+/V16)

Young crusher Raboutou ticks off yet another hard bloc, Woods’ Creature From The Black Lagoon in Rocky Mountain National Park.

By Tyler Macdonald | October 1st, 2018


Is twenty year old Shawn Raboutou the next Daniel Woods? With Raboutou’s recent repeat of Woods’ infamous Creature From The Black Lagoon (8C+/ V16), the comparison between the two world class climbers, a generation apart, has only strengthened. Fresh off his sending spree in Rocklands, South Africa, where Raboutou ticked classics like The Finnish Line (8C/V15), Mirta (8B+/ V14), and made a first ascent of a new classic Book Club (8B+/V14), Raboutou seems to be in great form.



Woods established Creature From The Black Lagoon in September 2016, adding a low start to Dave Graham’s Leviathan (8A+/ V12). Graham managed the second ascent a month after Woods put it up, and Jimmy Webb made an impressive third ascent in August 2017. The Japanese boulderer Daisuke Ichimiya nabbed the fourth ascent just under a month after Webb. The last ascent before Raboutou’s belonged to Griffin Whiteside, who sent the problem this past July.

With Raboutou ticking off test pieces throughout the world, it is only natural to wonder what is next for the young phenom.


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