Shawn Raboutou Gives Switzerland its First V16 with Low Start to “Off the Wagon”

Now you start basically sitting on the famous wagon! Who’s gonna move the damn thing and manage it from the ground??

By Rock and Ice | November 29th, 2018

Shawn Raboutou has added a new low start to Off the Wagon, a classic V14 in Bavona, Switzerland established by Nalle Hukkataival after previous efforts by Chris Sharma. His proposed grade for the new start is 8C+ (V16), which makes the problem the hardest in Switzerland.

Raboutou made the ascent on Tuesday, November 27. He was climbing in the area with Giuliano Cameroni, who told the world of Raboutou’s ascent on Instagram yesterday, writing that “crazy stuff happened today, first 8C+ for Swiss.”

Just eight days before, on November 19, Raboutou also made the second ascent of Foundation’s Edge (8C/V15), a Dave Graham problem that has sat unrepeated since 2014.  And a few days before that, on November 15, he tied in for the first ascent of  L’Oeuvre, a bolted line which he said is probably 5.14c or 5.14d.


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This is Raboutou’s second V16 of 2018. On September 27, he made the sixth ascent of Daniel Woods’ Creature from the Black Lagoon (V16), Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. In June he also took down The Finnish Line, a recent Nalle Hukkataival addition to Rocklands, South Africa that was originally proposed as a V16 but seems to have settled at either hard V15 or the slash-grade of V15/16 after several repeats.

Daniel Woods chimed in on Instagram with congratulations of his own and the news that he, Raboutou and Cameroni will soon be releasing video footage of some of their hardest sends from the past year—including the Off the Wagon Low Start and his own Box Therapy, a V16 he established last month in Rocky Mountain: “Soon Shawn, [Giuliano Cameroni] and I will be dropping a ton of footage over the year on our youtube channel dubbed Mellow. Off the Wagon, The Smile, Box Therapy, and Finnish Line are just a few heavy hitters that will be featured… climbing porn is on its way to you all so stay tuned.”


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