QuaranTraining: Creative Climbing During Coronavirus

Coronavirus is limiting options for getting your climbing fix. When you can’t climb at the gym and you don’t have your own home wall, it’s time to get creative and start quarantraining 馃檪

By Rock and Ice | March 18th, 2020

Yep, Quarantraining is definitely a thing. Just because we’re stuck at home as we all do the responsible thing and practice social distancing to the best of our abilities, doesn’t mean we can’t get stronger.

The people below have taken QuaranTraining to its logical extreme. And we love it.


[And Be Sure To Check Out QuaranTraining, Part Deux: Cabin Fever in the Time of COVID-19 For More First Around-The-House Ascents 馃槀]


This guy! Tonny Valenzuela, the hero we need at a time like this 馃槀


Can’t go to Moab and climb your roof crack proj? That’s what decks are for!


You gotta get creative if you wanna climb and you want to flatten the curve from r/climbing


The good ol’ hallway traverse!


Staircases are good for quarantraining, too.


Evidently kitchen climbing is very much a thing—Tonny isn’t the only one climbing on the counters and cabinets.



And even though you shouldn’t climb outside at popular areas, well, you can still climb outside if you’re creative 馃槈


Day 7 of isolation, I’ve discovered the retaining wall at my house is a great little traverse to train on! from r/climbing


Just another gym-closed improv climbing wall, lol. Stay safe out there and stay home if you’re sick 馃槈 from r/climbing


The bookcase is great training for loose, chossy routes: have to be careful which book—er, hold—you grab.


To keep that ski touring and approach fitness up, a treadmill helps for quarantraining, but surely there are other solutions, too.


Groundfall potential here is massive.


Not so much quarantraining, but geez, things have gotten dire for Stefano Ghisolfi 馃槀

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