Nalle Hukkataival, Vadim Timonov Send Monkey Wedding (V15)

Nalle Hukkataival, 29, and Vadim Timonov, 23, climb Fred Nicole’s finger-ripping test-piece, Monkey Wedding (V15), in Rocklands, South Africa.

By Rock and Ice | July 27th, 2016

Nalle Hukkataival, 29, and Vadim Timonov, 23, have both climb Fred Nicole’s finger-ripping test-piece Monkey Wedding (V15) in Rocklands, South Africa.

“Yesterday was a good day as I finished Fred Nicole’s legendary Monkey Wedding (V15),” Hukkataival wrote on Facebook. “A boulder that I had tried and got close to doing already many years ago, I’d kept it aside as one of the last remaining climbs for me in Rocklands after an unfortunate series of skin issues.”


Nicole, Swiss bouldering master, established Monkey Wedding in August 2002. He suggested 8B+ (V14) for the grade. The boulder problem went unrepeated for eight years until Paul Robinson made the second ascent in August 2010. Robinson suggested an upgrade to V15. Since then, Monkey Wedding has been repeated by Adam Ondra, Daniel Woods, Nacho Sánchez, and now Timonov, from Russia, and Hukkataival, from Finland.

“Today I did the main project of my trip in Rocklands! I’m very satisfied!” Timonov wrote on Instagram. “Today will be a party!”



According to, Monkey Wedding was Timonov’s first V15. He has also climbed Nicole’s Golden Shadow (V14) in Rocklands; The Globalist (V14) in Sipoo, Finland; Mystic Stylez (V14) in Magic Wood, Switzerland; and Powerful (V14) at Lietahti Park, Vyborg, Russia, first ascent. He has climbed 14 boulder problems V11 and harder in Rocklands over the last two weeks, according to

Hukkataival has also had a strong start to his South African bouldering trip. Last week, he sent Paul Robinson’s recent FA, The Dragon’s Guardian (~V15), in the Cederberg Mountains.

In reference to Monkey Wedding, Hukkataival wrote on Facebook: “Feels good to complete a climb I started such a long time ago, but crossing one last climb off my list also marks the end of an era for me in Rocklands.

“Luckily there are still plenty of great projects in sight to keep busy and new areas to continue developing!”


Watch Daniel Woods take down Monkey Wedding (V15):


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